1300 Followers and Useless Commercials

Most commercials are useless, but some are just particularly and spectacularly so.

For example, I saw a commercial tonight for Kleenex. I mean…it’s not a startup from Wauwatosa, it’s freaking Kleenex. Most people don’t even realize that it is a copyrighted band name, like Q-Tip or Jacuzzi. If my mother were ever a drag queen, her name would be Nita Pisa-Kleenex for the amount of times she said it growing up. I understand advertising for a television show, a new brand of cereal, or even a used car dealership, but seriously…Kleenex. Not that hard of a sell. Like cheese, milk, cotton…

Oh, and of course, welcome to my 1300th follower, Little Green Raven! Can I get to 1400 by April? May?

12 thoughts on “1300 Followers and Useless Commercials

  1. Congrats… A lot of commercials really wind me up. I’m getting tired of ones that use emotional advertising (it takes ages to figure out what they’re actually about,) rather than giving you the facts. Some are way too stereotypical aswell. It also doesn’t help that we probably re-watch commercials more times than anything else and so we’re bound to fatigue of them sooner or later. I just wonder sometimes, what were they thinking when they came up with that idea and do they seriously expect to sell a product/service on that.

  2. OMG That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many followers!!! Congratulations! And I completely agree with you about Kleenex. I feel like most people don’t even realize that the real term is tissue!

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