Now I’m in Florida

So that happened. Greetings from the Sunshine State. 

I got up this morning and went to the airport it took all of an hour to get from my apartment through the Uber and to my gate. I might’ve forgotten to mention it here but for spring break I decided to head to Gainesville Florida to visit my dear friend echo from Houston whom I haven’t seen since I left Houston. She then went to get her masters here at the University of Florida in materials engineering. She doesn’t get many visitors so I thought but hey I have a friend here and it’s Florida and because my schedule didn’t let me go to Sarasota to go to spring training with my folks I might as well just take a few days and get some sunshine and visit a friend. When I told her about this she was so excited to host me.

So after flying to Atlanta eating in the lovely terminal e food court which seems to have become my second home and then waiting for a delayed flight I arrived in Gainesville. The airport here is tiny. It’s the first airport I’ve been to where they greet you with candy  at the gate. Even though it was a little later and little darker than I had anticipated on arriving took all of five minutes to get out of the airport and another five minutes for me to completely lose my cool when when Echo pulled up in her car. We had the hugest hug and I think everyone at the airport was staring at the two crazy screaming people in the middle the night but whatever. We then drove into Gainesville for an exotic dinner at The Olive Garden and I presented echo with her three blocks of cheese that I brought her all the way from Wisconsin which had sort of melted but were fine anyway. After dinner we had kung fu tea and played some games there. She didn’t want me staying at her place because she has a sick cat so she kindly arranged for me to stay at a friends place nearby. This room is surprisingly nice and I have my own private bathroom. Tomorrow we will be heading to Jacksonville Beach to bond with the Atlantic Ocean. I had planned on revising a flip the script post today since I’ve been abandoning them lately but I am currently on my phone on 4G so I’m posting by voice. But I made it I’m in Florida and commence summer odyssey 2.1 spring break edition 2016. Or something like that.

At least I got my dramaturgy notes done during the flight delay in the airport. 

7 thoughts on “Now I’m in Florida

    • Hey there from Maryland 🙂 I just updated my trip log, so check it out…I wasn’t in the “exciting” parts of Florida, like Miami or Orlando – I was visiting a friend at the other end of the state, the weird part. Being with her was fabulous, even though Northern Florida is very, um, rustic, to put it kindly. We still managed to have fun together.

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