Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 3

And again, not too much of a shut-in tonight, as I actually went to the gym(!) and a 2-hour dance class, but I’m idea-less at the moment (other than needing to spruce up some of my half-finished recent posts) but I thought I’d just take a break and say hey and all that.

I cleaned my apartment this weekend, well, a good deal of it. I can’t say that everything’s off the floor, but my apartment is pretty walkable now. The countertops and tabletops are piled with things, but that’s another issue for another time. The recycling is really piling up, I don’t know why I don’t take it out as often as I take out the trash. I guess it’s because I can just toss the trash bags down the trash chute, but I have to take the recycling box down and actually put everything into the recycling dumpster (recycling bin? dumpster does not sound too correct).

Dance class today was pretty fun, but I still feel like…I don’t know, that I got cheated out of dancing as a young’un. I know that not everyone started dancing as soon as they could walk, but some people grew up in families or in places where it was more acceptable/encouraged. My exposure to dance was basically doing the hora on Simchat Torah and maybe some line dances at a bar mitzvah, or doing the middle school slow dance-type-thing. We had a pretty good dance teacher in high school, but I don’t think our abilities (or at least mine) were quite up to par, and only having dance class once every other week didn’t really help. For some people, dancing just kind of sinks in a little more naturally; I’ve known people who’ve told me that they’ve only been dancing for the last few years and they’re already miles ahead of me. Granted, I don’t practice as much as I should, and for my first year, I wasn’t too serious about it because I was settling in and still finding my way around and stuff. I can’t remember if my parents ever offered to send me to a studio, or for classes, other than the occasional performing arts summer camp for a week, but if they did, I should’ve taken them up on it. I don’t think that they did, though.

So…work to do. Other than finding something resembling a summer job and doing more than thinking on my prelims, the workload’s kind of leveled off. I have one presentation next week, and then another the first week of May, but other than that, it’s just teaching (and I’m almost finished grading, only about 20 papers to go). I have a huge stack of library books due, and I’m kind of getting tired of them just sitting there, unread, taking up space and constantly renewing them (having constant renewals is a blessing and a curse) but for some reason, when it comes to reading, I think of something else to do. I hope grad school hasn’t completely killed my love of reading. Even today, I actually scanned a play into my computer rather than reading it, because it was an interlibrary loan and it was overdue (fortunately, they don’t care enough to charge you unless it’s been recalled, so I came out in the clear). I did manage to write and send letters 5 and 6 in my 2016 Blog Friends Pen Pals Challenge (which, if you’re reading this, let me know if you want in because I still only have a few more addresses in my list).

And so that’s tonight. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s classes go well and that this week ends up being a good one for blog-spiration.

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