Antique Mall Haul

I don’t know if this should be another episode of Wonderful, Wonderful, Wisconsin, but today I woke up and thought, I want to go antiquing today.

So antiquing I went.

And when you’re in Wisconsin, and you want to go all-out for antiquing, you go to Columbus Antique Mall in Columbus, Wisconsin, about 40 minutes north of Madison, straddling Columbia and Dodge Counties. I think the actual mall is on the Dodge County side. Anyway, it’s five stories of great crap, from thumbed-through paperbacks to rocking chairs, plates with birds to TV trays advertising Coca-Cola. You never know what you’re going to find there.

Today, among my walks through the aisles, I picked up three items of note:

1. Erin, the green Beanie Baby bear. I remember when Erin and Princess came out, and the entire Beanie Baby world (myself included) collectively went nuts. Since then, I’ve managed to acquire a Princess in my collection of Beanie Baby bears, and spotted an Erin (actually, several) on the shelf, marked $2.50. If I could only travel back in time and sell it in 1996…

2. A black-and-white photograph. I always keep an eye out for interesting looking pictures, and I found one today. On one side is a couple, with the woman seated and the man standing behind her. On the right, another man and woman, holding a baby, only they are a little blurrier and lighter, almost light ghosts.

3. A new outfit! On the very last clothing rack, there was a black jacket-pants combo, men’s medium-large, cotton, from China. The sleeves in the jacket were a little big, but the frog buttons are awesome, and the pants fit perfectly, which I found out after I bought them.

A successful day.

5 thoughts on “Antique Mall Haul

  1. My kids were into Beanie Babies. After the kids were gone, I gave away their stuffed animals, but couldn’t bring myself to just throw the Beanie Babies into the Goodwill bin. But then, we had a family member suffering from cancer and a fundraiser was held which included a basket auction. I took those Beanie Babies and made up a very nice basket – which was won by a sweet little girl. The look on that child’s face as she picked up her basket of Beanie Babies was absolutely awesome – I knew they had found a good home with another loving little girl.

    • I was into Beanie Babies too; between me and my sister, we probably had around 100 or so. Mine are a lot more loved than hers; she’d put them on the shelf while I would play with them. Currently, other than the eight bears lined up on my TV stand, they’re all in a plastic bag at my parents’ home.

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