Anyone Can Be Vice President?

Today on Ellen, Hillary Clinton asked Ellen DeGeneres to be her vice president (jokingly).

Just now, Donald Trump asked Jimmy Kimmel on his show to be his vice president (again, jokingly).

Whatever happened to the good old days, when people on talk shows weren’t the ones being considered for the position – and would actually have serious viability, rather than liability?

This is nuts.

In other news, I’m off to North Carolina tomorrow to hang out for three days until my cousin gets married there, because air fare is cheaper on a Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Anyone Can Be Vice President?

  1. been a while since I’ve been to nc, was near Jacksonville. ☺ only thing I’d really go out for was massage therapy, he he.

    Imagine when 80s babies become prez 😈

    • Ironically, all the names of the early presidents are coming back into style for babies – day care centers are filled with George, John, Thomas, James, and Zachary…maybe not Millard, Grover, or Abraham though.

  2. Heyyyy!
    Yes I’m trying to stay hydrated!
    Your blog looks so nice! This theme suits your blog well. I’m sorry I have been away for too long.
    How are you and what’s new?❤️

    • Hey Zareen, welcome back! Thanks for coming to visit. I’m doing ok, flying to North Carolina later today for a wedding. American Airlines pales in comparison to Qatar Airways or Etihad or whichever airline you took to get to Doha! How long will you be in Doha?

      • I am in Doha for a year. Why? Are u planning to visit? 😛
        I took Qatar Airways btw.
        Hope the wedding was good? Fill me in

      • I don’t know why I didn’t get a notification for this message. Sorry for replying so late. I’m going to do more posts about Doha. But in general I can’t complain. Doha is not ideal and I still can’t find a cheap Japanese food but all in all I’m okay!

  3. I’d like to see a return to the pre-party days when the president was the guy who got the most votes and the vice president was whoever finished second.

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