A Snoozy Day

So much for having a productive day. I slept for most of it.

At least I managed to get to the gym, get a little reading done, and finish writing the last 3 letters for my 16 pen pals in 2016 challenge. By the way – I only got 13 addresses, so if you want to get a letter and will write one back, let me know in the comments section! And vote for the odd book in the previous post!

Oh, and thanks for helping me have 100+ views each day for the first three days of June! Sadly, I think the streak will end today…

…doing nothing = tiring…

13 thoughts on “A Snoozy Day

  1. Nice. My first day was over 100, but the rest of the days so far this month have been under 100 per day. That’s unusually slow. But then, I feel like I’ve been focusing so much on improving my YouTube channel that I haven’t written blog posts that are as interesting. Or maybe everyone’s spending time outside and not on the internet.

  2. Doing nothing IS tiring. So weird how that works.
    I had a pen pal back in the day (like in 1995 when I was in high school) and now I see him on Facebook sometimes. It would never occur to me to write an actual letter. But I think it’s very cool and such a nice thing to be able to keep long-term.

    • I had a pen pal around the same time, we kept in touch for 10 years. I also see her on FB every so often. She lives in Canada now. If you want a letter it’s your for the taking!

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