I Got A Letter…

…what could be better?

No, seriously, getting mail is one of the best things ever. In January, I started my 16 Penpals for 2016 project, and I’ve sent out 14 letters (btw, if you’re reading this and want a letter, let me know in the comments because I still have 2 more to send!), and so far, nothing back 😦 until today, when I got a lovely letter in the mail all the way from faraway Janesville, Wisconsin (about an hour or so down the road), from blogger-friend Michelle. I learned about her very interesting life and family, and it was a great surprise on a super-hot afternoon, so hot I didn’t want to do anything but I did because I had to.

Michelle, thanks for the letter, and another one is going to be on its way to you in the morning. As for the rest of you, I’m still waiting.

35 thoughts on “I Got A Letter…

  1. It’s great that you’re doing this actually! In this day and age, coming home to an actual letter, in PAPER, and written using an ACTUAL PEN, gives you such a wonderful feeling! 🙂

      • I’d really like to say “yes”, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to send anything back because it’s quite expensive to send a letter abroad, plus the post office is quite far! Once I get a job and some time, I definitely would want one!

  2. Getting hand-written letters in this day and age is definitely one of the 10 best things that can happen to a person 🙂 How much I would love to receive a letter from you! With all the moving I have got to do (a month in each place from now), I will be unsettled until the end of this year! 😦 Maybe we could write letters after that? You could go ahead and finish your 16 letter thing and we could keep in touch anyway… 🙂 So glad you got a letter back! Cheers!

  3. I love getting a written letter or postcard! It’s lovely when people take the time to sit down and write a letter on paper and take the time to go to the post office to post it. I used to have loads of pen pals from all over the world as a child and I got excited everytime I got a letter and I loved finding out about what they were up to, about their different life, country and culture.

  4. My class has a pen-pal in Prague, a similar class of children. It is a highlight every time we get (or send) a letter. What a terrific learning experience as well. -Jennie-

  5. I just finished writing mine! I’m sorry it took long for me to do so but the next step is looking for a post office to send it then you can get your hands on it!

  6. This is so cool !
    I had pen friends when I was a little girl (like eons ago 😉 ) and it was always so exciting to receive the next response on the mail 🙂 which took forever , around 3 weeks each way for foreign mail 🙂
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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