Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 4

Since I don’t have the energy or an idea for a fun post, and I looked back and saw that it’s been almost three months since I did one of these, come join me in my living room for a Staying In and Getting Real Night. I’m actually still fully clothed and in a knock-off Snuggie, but you can be in pajamas if you like.

So how are you? I want to know. If you want me to know, skip to the comments section and write about it. I’ll still be here for you when you get back.

I have been thinking about a few things lately. First, why does celery have such a ridiculously bad aftertaste, and second, I wonder what the germiest object I touch every day is. I would say, either my phone or my computer, since I take both of them into the washroom occasionally and while I wash my hands, I don’t wash my electronics. So, think about that whenever you ask to borrow someone’s phone or laptop.

Another thought I had: I don’t like doing dishes, but if there’s something in the kitchen that’s on a timer, like the microwave or oven or coffee maker, why am I compelled to wash and dry as many things as I can before the timer runs out? Interesting.

Like my previous post of the same nature, I actually was not a shut-in tonight; I went running at the gym, and then to dance class (although I did leave before rounds because I was hungry and had some salmon defrosting which turned out to be delicious) but still, I’m in, the TV is off, and it’s so quiet that I can hear the refrigerator running. Last night I even got to bed almost before midnight; hence, why I did not blog, because by 11 PM I already had bed on the brain and was fighting staying awake, and ended up getting in bed and falling asleep by 12:30 or so, which is early for me these days.

Some questions to ponder:

What if God was on YouTube?

Why do I keep going to the State Street Starbucks even though it’s the one Starbucks where I can’t get wi-fi for some reason, and there’s always bums and other weird people yelling all the time, while I could walk either of the two Capital Square Starbucks, or drive to the Blackhawk Starbucks, or get coffee elsewhere?

And…can you quit something “cold turkey” if you’re vegan, or do you have to quit something “cold potato?”


31 thoughts on “Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 4

  1. Firstly, I’m feeling good, thanks for asking. Looking forward to the weekend. 🙂 Secondly I LOVE stay in at home nights but that’s not happening tonight. Off to the in-laws for dinner, staying the night and then hubbs and I are taking off tomorrow without the kids for an overnight camping trip. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend, with your cold turkey thoughts, germy lap-top and all … 🙂

  2. I had no choice but to stay in tonight. Prepping for a medical procedure tomorrow. Enough said… Lol… Sound like you had a good night. Oh and you have go “cold veggie” It’s the only way. 😉

  3. You use the public restroom, wash your hands, and then open the door using the same handle used by the previous guy who didn’t wash his hands. On that subject, the next time you use a public restroom in a restaurant and return to your table say to the waiter, “I saw the sign in the bathroom that said employees must wash hands. There wasn’t one in there so I did my own. Is that OK?”

  4. If God was on YouTube? That would be awesome! I think a lot of people would get answers to long debated and argued questions. Bathroom…no joke, my coworker came to me two weeks ago to announce, “While I was going to the bathroom, someone else left without washing their hands!” To which I remarked, “And she touched the door handle with those disgusting hands.” Now I look around thinking, “Which one of you…” I’m going to try to forget your comment about the celery after taste because I like celery and have never noticed it. But if I think about your comment the next time I eat it (I think by typing this, the thought has been burned into my memory) the after taste is going to be bad. Cold tofu? Knock-off Snuggie is HILARIOUS! What a great post to start my day. Thanks! Oh, and I’m good – having my coffee, puppy at my feet with her bone. If only I didn’t have to ruin this perfect pajama picture with getting ready and going to work.

  5. I’m good thanks despite waking up this morning to the shocking news that the UK voted to leave the Eu!!! I voted remain. Anyhoo, celery do you not actually burn more calories eating it than it contains?? So obviously it has to taste horrible because something that low in cals can’t taste nice. At my work I was apalled at the number of people that don’t was their hganbds after visiting the toilet. I quickly learned whose telephone or computer not to use when hot dealing or who not to accept cups of tea from! The Starbucks sounds like its great for people watching, no need for internet to keep you occupied when you can watch what the weird people get up to!

    • It is great for people-watching, which is antithetical to getting work done. Also, while I have some great sightings there, there are always homeless people (VERY LOUD ones) hanging around outside, being annoying.

      Your comment reminded me, I should eat some celery…

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