Should You Be Posting That On Facebook?

I haven’t been in too much of a rant-y mood in a while, and while there is way too much anger in the world, I just have to get this off my chest. Call it a cross between a rant and a Staying-In-And-Getting-Real night, even though I’ve actually only been home for only about an hour.

I’ve made several posts in the past about my pet peeve with social media.

But now, I think that it’s just gone too far.

Not that it had too much farther to go.

In my opinion, once you’re at a certain age or place in life, you shouldn’t be posting stupid stuff. I’m not talking about pictures of dogs with their heads stuck in lawn chairs, I’m talking about statements that demonize human beings, whether individual or an entire population. It used to be that only politicians did it; now everyone’s got their own soapbox and megaphone, and most of what they yell is complete and utter garbage. And most of the time, it’s not like they stand by any of it or believe in it or do anything to take action about it; they just want to attract attention to themselves. A “friend” of mine recently posted a photo of two people walking in a parade in Native American headdresses, with the caption, “name what’s wrong with this picture.” What wrong with the picture is that no one cares, and leave them alone to deal with anything themselves because it’s none of your business.

The worst part of it was that this person was another graduate student, just like me. Not trying to get too judgmental here, but when you’re an undergrad, or a kid, or are a professional parodist, you can get away with posting stuff like that. But if you have a reputation to uphold, or you want one, you just can’t post stuff like that on Facebook. I learned that the hard way. I posted a few things that raised some eyebrows among people I knew both online and in real life, and I faced a certain amount of consequences for being stupid. It wasn’t anything political, and some of what I wrote did reflect how I felt at the time, but in hindsight, it wasn’t something that needed to be shared. And even some times when I do write something that I don’t see a problem with, someone else might, and then it’s up to me to judge how I feel about it. Even if you don’t think anyone is going to read it, the person you least want to will probably end up seeing it.

I could post about how “inappropriate” post X is, but instead, I chose to “hide news feed” from those friends who post things that are ad hominem, ad feminem, antagonistic, hateful, or just plain stupid, while still remaining friends with them. Suddenly, I felt so much better. At this point, I’d rather see pictures of cute babies or animals.

Oh, and I got my 36,000th revolver map visitor today, from London.

26 thoughts on “Should You Be Posting That On Facebook?

  1. I can so relate. I also try not to be stupid when I posts because (1) if it’s stupid, it’s not relevant, (2) you can never completely undo what you have shared online.

  2. I love this post…I totally get it, and good for you….using reason to be the voice-of-reason, thereby contributing to the good, rather than the hype….and, I really appreciate your writing/communication style…wonderful….thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I completely agree with you, Jacob. I never post anything political or controversial on social media. I just don’t think its appropriate. I read the news. I keep up with what’s happening in the world. I’m distressed about all that has recently happened in the world, but spewing my opinion on Facebook won’t change anything. Social media is a breeding ground for spreading hatred and distrust between “friends” who aren’t really friends. In light of recent events in the US, I think social media can only cause further disunty when really, we should be be having adult discussions about these issues in an effort to work towards change. Social media, in these situations, seems fake and phony to me. It seems to me that the general conseus is, if you don’t post, you don’t care. However, there are real issues in this world that need to be addressed and me ranting about all that is wrong with the world in a Facebook post will do nothing to solve that.

  4. Great post! I’ve struggled with Facebook for a long time because on one hand it’s a great way to stay connected, but on the other hand, it’s a dumping ground for anger, hate, and ignorance. I basically use fb as a directory, never post, and rarely look through feeds.

  5. I so agree with you ! I don’t post much on social sites (actually my blog posts are the only things I post lol) and the main reason is that I see how stupid others make themselves look! These so called stupid ppl have scared me off 😂

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