On Gourmet Toy Shops

Today, my parents and I were in the mall, and we went into a store that seemed to be quite specific, and overpriced at that…

It’s what I call a gourmet toy shop.

Not quite The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter, but not quite The Disney Store either. Apparently the brand Melissa & Doug is the big thing, but seriously, patented play toys seem to be the go-to business. I mean, the cheapest item I saw was 10 dollars. There were all the toys I played with as a kid, but modernized versions of hyper-bright colors and with way more plastic packaging. And in a few years, the toy will end up in the trash or at a thrift stop when the child ages out.

But there was a magnetic fridge puzzle of the state of Wisconsin.

And that’s how I now have $10 at Playthings on my credit card bill.

9 thoughts on “On Gourmet Toy Shops

  1. thatssojacob,
    Any photos of the ‘new and improved’ offerings? As a parent, some of the toys my husband and I bought when our kids were young were due to being sucked into getting them “educational” toys, the kids had the last laugh and didn’t touch them. Toys that were loud, made us wet, dirty or all three, were usually guaranteed to be a hit.
    When kids are really small the best “toy” was without a doubt the local playground! We always had to drag them away! Spending time with your kid playing Lego, playing football or pushing swings.. always a hit 🙂

  2. So true that many toys are fun for a while. Agree with you toys can cost quite a bit. But I think a lot of us have one toy that means a lot to us and well never forget.

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