Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 5

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything – duh – and by the way, where are your funny comments on the generator? – but it was a long tiring day, I’m super sunburned, I chased a dog, I read for the first time in a while, and I went to the gym.

So yeah, find a seat among the piles of books and folded laundry, and make yourself at home, because it’s Staying In and Getting Real Night.

Last night kind of sucked; I was kind of lonely and just feeling totally down. I’m better today, after some socializing, sunshine, and exercise, but still kinda meh.

Basically, the banes of my existence at the moment are my prelims (self-explanatory), people on the street, and anything that emits smoke.

People on the street. Just because I am also walking on the same street, does not meet I want to or need to talk to you. Why me? Why is it always me, random guy on the street, who you approach? No rudeness intended, but I do not have food, change, or cigarettes to share or spare. Now that I am helping a legitimate business sell quality products on those same streets, it’s become even more apparent as to why I should not give you money. I mean, I’m selling things and sometimes I feel guilty, and most of the profits are not even going to me personally. And when I tell you to leave me alone, do it. And mind your own business while you’re at it.

And speaking of cigarettes, stop it. Just stop. It already smells bad enough outside, why do you have to make it worse. I can’t walk ten steps on State Street without getting a whiff of something foul. At least I’m allowed to tell you to back away from the booth when you’re holding a cigarette. Now I have to wash my clothes again, and I’m starting to smell you in my apartment. And no, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a regular cigarette, cloves, or a vape, it all smells terrible. It’s been hours, and I’m sitting in my apartment alone and I can still smell it everywhere.

How’s things out there for everyone else?

13 thoughts on “Staying In and Getting Real Night, Part 5

  1. It seems that you have lots on your mind currently. Hope that everything will be fine soon. I am doing fine so far. But I am just done by the busy weekend of work and events. I had not much sleep but now I can! 🙂

  2. Hi Jacob, to tell the truth, I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, well I won’t mention them all here and I did come across some very rude people in the street in Sydney. For example, this happened on last Wednesday… An angry and violent Aussie man pushed and elbowed me when I was lining up for getting up a bus. He targeted me in front of five to six people and NO ONE dare to say anything… I think it’s just a very bully society. I later took his photo on the bus, but don’t think the police will do anything… Because I haven’t lost an arm

    • 😦 I got shoved off a bus one time in Jerusalem by some guy who just wanted to get on ONE SECOND before I did. I usually enjoyed riding the bus, but I try to avoid sitting near babies. Once I narrowly missed getting puked on, and another time, I was holding a cup of hot coffee, got jostled, and almost spilled it on a newborn’s head.

  3. Jacob, so sorry you are have a rough go of it. I know what you mean about the smoke, ugh… the smell is disgusting and it sticks to you like glue. Hoping your days get better, they need Michael Bloomberg our former mayor there, he banned smoking from most public places, tried for the parks and beaches but that got shot down. Hope you have a great week.

  4. I am late in reading this, but I’m glad I did! Nice job making it to the gym! I totally agree with you on the smoking. I am deathly allergic to cigarette smoke and don’t know why people spend their hard earned paper on paper that they are going to burn then turn to ash and ultimately end up with bad breath and a smoky stench that just won’t go away.
    Sorry you’ve been feeling lonely. Just keep doing the things that bring you joy!

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