Soothing Summer: That Favorite Coffee Place

I didn’t do too much today, but I did go to Michelangelo’s on State Street to get some writing done.

There’s something about that one special coffee place that just makes it worth going to even when you’re not thirsty. It’s the place you meet up with friends, bring out-of-towners, and go to when you just have to get stuff done in the perfect environment. I’m going to save a lot of other comments about coffee places in Madison for another post I have planned, but suffice it to say that Michelangelo’s is…the one. There are plenty of other places, but the Starbucks on State usually has too many vagrants hanging around and the wi-fi never works; Espresso Royale has delicious drinks but also its fair share of strange customers; the Starbucks on University and Blackhawk is where I’m friends with all the baristas, so I just spend the whole time talking and never get any work done; and CoffeeBytes is just…the worst place, ever. Michelangelo’s has all the good stuff – good food and drinks, friendly baristas, a corner with comfy Friends-style couches and chairs, several different seating options – without any of the crazy people or bad wi-fi. Plus, I get a nice walk down State Street on the way there and back, so I burn some calories, get some fresh air, not to mention getting to walk past the popcorn shop and the chocolate shop, both of which leave their doors open in the summer so that the smells waft out onto the sidewalk.

Now, I’m going to look at some gifs of coffee.

16 thoughts on “Soothing Summer: That Favorite Coffee Place

  1. I confess if its Starbucks or nothing, I’ll choose nothing. I just don’t get the American fascination for the brand. Weak coffee in generic surroundings, what’s to like? Really, I do want to know. 🙂

    In New Zealand, Starbucks really struggle and in Australia the brand has largely failed? So why is it popular in the States?

    • Philip: The actual coffee Starbucks makes isn’t the best (the flat white is undrinkable), but its other drinks like caramel macchiato and just a basic iced coffee are not too bad, in my opinion. And the holiday drinks are out of this world (Caramel Praline Latte and Peppermint Mocha, I am ready and it’s only August). Also, the Starbucks here in Madison are rather unique (at least the two I go to): the one on State has a beautiful upper-level balcony overlooking the street, and the University/Blackhawk one has an awesome mural and football memorabilia.
      I think that it’s the combination of status symbol, ubiquity, and familiarity that makes it so popular here. It’s something that you can count on, rather than having to hunt down a coffee shop somewhere, and you know they always have free wi-fi (except in Puerto Rico) and comfy chairs.

      • Interesting…see it’s creations like ‘Caramel Praline Latte and Peppermint Mocha’ that, I think, drive many NZers and Australians away. We want coffee. Just great coffee, not a dessert in a cup! And great coffee can be found at almost every cafe downunder: it’s the rule not the exception…

        I know, I know, it’s just a preference and there is no right and wrong
        🙂 but it’s the reason many of us either smile or grimace when we think of Americans and coffee. We find you weird on this one! 🙂 Not trying to have a go…it’s just one of life’s little puzzles..

      • Hence, it’s a holiday treat. You spend the rest of the year working off the calories. There are plenty of other local shops and chains here that are way better; on State Street alone there’s Michelangelo’s, Fair Trade, Colectivo, Espresso Royale, and another Espresso Royale

  2. I go to Starbucks for their green tea latte and that’s it. I don’t have a favourite coffee place though since I’m not a big coffee fan. The coffee outlets here aren’t geared for comfy too, unfortunately

  3. We’ve just moved to a new town so I’m yet to find my perfect coffee shop here in Torquay. There’s a couple of contenders already – Calypso and Daisy’s – but I won’t know for sure until I try them all!
    Love a real quirky independent coffee shop 🙂

    Stephanie Jane

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