If A Tree Poops In The Forest And No One’s Around To Hear It…

Today, I worked off and on at the jewelry booth; Hanna and I set up at 11:30, I stayed for an hour, then went home to have lunch and exercise, and then came back at 4 so she could go to a concert from 5:30-8.

Before she left at 4, though, I needed to use the washroom (yes, I’m pretending I’m Canadian, not the worst thing in the world), so she told me to go next door to the sandwich shop and use theirs, because they don’t mind. Of course, right as I walked in, a customer got up and walked toward the bathroom a few steps ahead of me. There were two single-stall washrooms, and he scooted into the men’s, on the left, before I got to. Rather than wait, I looked around and pushed the door of the ladies’ on the right. It was unoccupied, so I went in, locked the door, and used the facilities.

As I washing my hands, I thought…in this type of situation, is it a complete crime to do what I did? Other than the fact that the sink was impossible to turn on and off, it was a pretty standard experience. I cracked open the door, and seeing no one in the hallway, crept out and walked down the hall, into the restaurant, and out to the cart.

Now, my question is this:

Is it unethical/inappropriate/weird to use a single-stall toilet that’s not in use, but indicated as for the opposite sex?


Should I have waited outside a vacant toilet just for one with a little piece of plastic on the door stating my own gender?

Also, Hanna and I floated the idea of creating an Etsy shop to sell jewelry online during the winter months. Anyone have any experience in that area?

7 thoughts on “If A Tree Poops In The Forest And No One’s Around To Hear It…

  1. I never quite understand why they designate two identically-equipped single-use restrooms as “Men” and “Women,” unless women get offended by someone leaving the seat up or something. They really need to take the designation off them.

  2. I don’t see why it matters. Different parts doing the same function. I used to use the men’s room all the time at school. Reason being, that even if the female restroom wasn’t occupado, the men’s room had all the soap and toilet paper.

    See Jacob…I’m here. Lol. Hope you have a fab weekend.

  3. I think using a stall for a different gender is tricky – some people may not mind, while others would be offended. Personally, I wouldn’t mind because a man may have had an ’emergency’ and could not wait. A friend had an emergency at the office and could not walk a further 50 feet to get into the ladies’ bathroom, so she just went into the men’s which was nearer. She just ignored the shocked man who using a urinal, did her business in one of the stalls and left. When nature calls, all manners fly out the window 🙂

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