The Book of Failure and Forgetting

While working at the jewelry booth today, I finished yet another book, so go me!

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The Amnesia Clinic by James Scudamore takes place in Ecuador, where cousins Anti and Fabian go on a quest to find a legendary “amnesia clinic,” where Fabian believes his missing parents might be, alive and well. They travel by bus, and eventually end up at a beach resort in Pedrascada, where all sorts of strange, Y Tu Mama Tambien things start to happen, with Fabian and resort owner Ray’s daughter Sol, and Anti and Sally Lightfoot, a Danish woman who’s tracking a whale carcass down the Ecuadorean coastline to send to a museum. In the end, one of the characters wakes up in a hospital, and the whole book may or may not have been a dream.

It was an easy read, for the most part, that I just kind of glossed through. I was expecting it to be more of an adventure novel, but by the time the ending rolled around, I didn’t know what was what anymore (maybe that makes me a bad reader) and the ending felt very ambiguous.

In other news, if there’s anyone who has advice on opening an Etsy shop, or interested in buying some awesome jewelry, leave a comment below!


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