On Introducing Myself

Hi, I’m Jacob, and it’s that time of year again…the constant introductions. Meetings, meetings, meetings, introductions, introductions, introductions.

Kinda want to just wear a sign that says “Hi, I’m Jacob.” It would make things so much easier.

10 thoughts on “On Introducing Myself

  1. Haha…. introductions are okay, repeated introductions aren’t!! I agree..they can be a pain. When I was being interviewed for my PhD position, I was asked ‘tell us a bit about yourself’ so many times that in the end I had a practiced script that I would just speak out…wasn’t intended but turned out that way 😉

  2. The sign part cracked me up 😂.
    And I completely get what you are feeling. If only copy-paste worked in real life. 😅💕

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