Things I’m Sick of Hearing

This might develop into a series, but I’m pretty serious…it’s been a stressful week and I’ve discovered that my patience is already beginning to wear thin, despite being just the second week of school.

On The Phone

“Say that again?” – I don’t mumble, I speak clearly and actually usually a little too loudly into the phone, so either turn your volume up or pay attention because I’m pretty sure they can hear me in Connecticut.

In The Classroom

Can we play Sugar Salt? No. We cannot and we will never play that game, ever, again.

I have four things to say. No. One. Just choose one.

Can I please go to the bathroom? You went twenty minutes ago, and we have a break in another twenty, and you’re eight. You don’t need to.

I don’t want to play. Fine, go off to military school.

At the Jewelry Stand

When are you open again? Never. If you don’t buy it today, you will never see us again.

How much longer are you open for? I don’t know, are you planning on buying anything?

I’ll come back later. THAT’S A LIE. Never once has someone come back later.

How much for the dog? No. No. SHUT UP AND GET OUT. Seriously. He’s our pet. It wasn’t funny the first time I heard it, and it hasn’t been funny ever since.

Here’s what I want to say in response to that inane question, but can’t:

  • We sell jewelry, not animals.
  • I don’t know. How much for your firstborn child?
  • You are so clever! I have never had anybody ask that before! How ever did you come up with that?
  • Bad joke, you owe me twenty dollars.
  • Buy some jewelry now because you’re getting on my nerves.

7 thoughts on “Things I’m Sick of Hearing

  1. Wow! Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed? LOL
    Are you my sister?
    As for some of the above gripes. Let me give you another take on some of them.
    True, some people don’t mean to come back again and some do, some just get lost and can’t remember where they saw that something they said they’d come back for. I know. It’s happened to me a few times. Which means I shoulda got it the first time around. I stall because I probably don’t need it but I want it and I have to talk myself into it or … I’m hoping to find one cheaper elsewhere so I just have to think about it awhile. I’ve had people do that to me and about one out of three do return.
    As I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered that phone conversations are very difficult for me to hear especially if one of us is driving, then I’m picking up the background sounds of either the tires on the road or whatever might be going on in the background in addition to the person’s voice. I hate talking on the phone for that reason.
    As for the potty thing. I was a young girl who frequented the bathroom all the time. My teacher got sick of it and told me I couldn’t go. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle having lunch and I had to go real bad and I did. She ended up having to buy everyone lunches. She hated me. It never occurred to her that something could be wrong with me. What she didn’t know is that I was being sexually abused. To this day I’m a frequent potty goer and always was but especially under stress. So… I hope that helps you get through those doubtful times.
    One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is patience although it does wear a bit thin at times. I don’t do well with loud, fussy children in restaurants. I like to eat my meal in peace. As soon as I walk into one, I assess where all the kids are and ask not to be seated near them. But generally I just don’t go to places likely to have them. I worked at a clinic with screaming kids all day so it was not something I wanted to hear on my days off.
    So, we all have something that grates on us. My gripes get less and less as I age. I guess a part of me realizes that the time I have left is too short to fret over. LOL

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience 😦 Let me just clarify…with the coming back thing, I’ve been working at the stand now for months and I think on only one occasion has someone come back; just say thank you and move on…the phone thing, mostly just with one person I talk with all the time who doesn’t pay attention/gets distracted easily…the bathroom thing, I actually don’t mind it, but once one kid says it, 5 others will too, and this past week after 2 people asked to go in a row, my co-teacher declared no more bathroom breaks until break time, because they had literally just had lunch/recess/bathroom break time within the last half hour. Also, she didn’t want any of the kids to miss the lesson.

      • I get that with kids. Monkey see, monkey do. My daughters sometimes so that phone thing and I wonder why they bother to call if they are going to pay attention to everything around them instead of me. It makes me feel unimportant. BUT if I do it to them, then they get angry. LOL Tit for tat, I say.

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