Finally, the Week is Over

So it’s been kind of a lackluster week. In terms of ideas for posts, I’ve had a few, but not enough time or wherewithal to get them written down. I haven’t read any quality scripts lately, I’ve been too tired to read much of anything. Hopefully this coming week will inspire me to write something more quality than the posts I’ve been writing recently.

I can’t technically call this a Staying In and Getting Real Night, because I went out to a show tonight, but here’s just a general life update. Even though I only danced one night this week and went to the gym one night this week, I weighed myself and I’m a few significant pounds lighter. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been eating as much; from Monday-Wednesday, I’m usually busy for a several hour block of time in the afternoons, during which I have no opportunity to eat, and rather than eating too much unhealthy food, I’ve probably just been eating too little. I’ve done a pretty good job staying away from certain foods, but I confess to eating a box of Mike and Ikes, chocolate chip pancakes, banana bread, some donuts, some cookies, and a few other pastry-type things this week. Even so, I’ve still lost some weight; I was much better this summer in terms of eating healthy foods and at a more regular schedule, and I was still gaining/maintaining weight. Now that I’m kind of less strict with my eating, my weight is going down. I wonder why.

But enough about my weight. My lesson planning was particularly on point this week, and now I have access to a service where I can share information with the students’ parents (at the elementary school, not my college students). Plus, tomorrow is Farmer’s Market Saturday, and Monroe Street Festival, where I’m getting paid to dance.

Apartment is still a huge mess, so maybe I should take care of that before saying good night everybody.

3 thoughts on “Finally, the Week is Over

  1. Hey Jacob! So sorry I still haven’t replied to your hard copy post! I’m pretty rubbish with things like that – it’s in my pile of stuff that I look at every now and again and think “Oh, I really must do that!” I’ve not been blogging or anything. Well not “or anything” I’ve been doing a lot, writing and working etc, but not much in terms of communication, online or otherwise!

  2. Don’t you just hate it when you get an idea for a post in the middle of a busy day and then by the time you’re able to do some writing, the idea is gone? Happens to me almost every day. I used to post twice a week or more, now with the new job, I’m barely able to post once a week. I just try to comfort myself with the thought that when I do post, it’s a quality post (hopefully).

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