Okay, Everybody Freeze

Ever wish you could do that to your life, just to get some extra sleep or some stuff done, just like in those cell phone commercials with Catherine Zeta-Jones?

This weekend’s been so crazy I’ve barely had time to charge my cell phone. Selling jewelry on State Street and then at the farmer’s market, Salsa Saturday at Bandung, grading grading grading, groceries, gym, laundry, Kohl’s, and ringing in the new year with a Rosh Hashanah dinner at the Concourse.

Not like any of that is out of the ordinary for me, but also trying to grade and sell while at the same time not falling asleep, trying to run (literally) on less than five hours of sleep, having to go to two different stores to buy everything, replacing the bed sheets that I accidentally ripped while taking them off the bed (and the accidentally buying queen instead of full), and being woefully late for dinner, almost missing it.

…and back to grading, rereading the play I’m teaching tomorrow, updating my planner…

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting some fun content soon.

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