It’s all come down to this. Almost a full year of crap and garbage and emails and fake tans and fake universities and Tic Tacs and the FBI and Putin and Billy Bush and the KKK and plagiarized speeches and bad hombres and nasty woman and baskets of deplorables. I’m so sick of it, but by this time tomorrow, the deed will be done.

This is a pivotal time in American history. Our children and grandchildren will study this election as a model of what happens when the state of our nation’s democracy is put in front of a firing squad. I try to stay politically impartial, and generally don’t even bring up my personal politics in real life, but I’m afraid that if I don’t say it, it might not come true. So, Americans reading this, anywhere and everywhere, if you haven’t already, please vote Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next President of the United States of America.

We CANNOT let this country be ruled by Donald Trump. He is an irrelevant, discolored, sexist windbag who has no clue how to run a business, let alone an entire nation, and the free world. There are a million reasons why we shouldn’t let him become president, and most are self-explanatory, but for those who are still doubtful, here are a few you might not have considered.

Immigrants. Our country was founded on immigrants. Even though I am technically white, I am a descendant of immigrants. My earliest ancestor only came to America in 1903, by which time millions of immigrants from other countries had already settled here, not to mention all the Native people. America is not about building walls or shutting out an entire religion; the last time a religion was shunted away from our shores, they were sent to their deaths.

Name-calling. I mean, come on. Kindergarten teachers around the country will be in complete crisis. “but my mommy said President Trump said that…”


7 thoughts on “HAY AMERICANS

  1. Hey Jacob! Love your blog. I live just west of Milwaukee. I can’t believe Wisconsin went to being a red state after being a blue state for decades. You are spot on about Trump. I still can’t believe he got elected. It’s going to be a long four years. Hopefully our country and planet can survive the Cheeto Jesus apocalypse.

  2. Jacob,
    when people vote from the point of emotion rather than with intellect, then these things happen.
    It’s hard for a coal miner who has been out of work for month or years and is not even scraping by in an are of high unemployment to not vote for the guy who promises to mine more coal rather than the gal who says she plans to scrap all coal and support wind turbines. He sees no future for himself so it’s next to impossible for him to see the future (and the impact that his coal has) on his grandchildren.

    For him the “future” is an unguaranteed black hole and his kids are suffering NOW, so he doesn’t care. If you don’t have children yourself then it’s impossible for you to understand how you don’t mind what happens to you but you would sacrifice EVERYTHING so that your kids don’t have to go to school without breakfast, wear their clothes and shoes until they are past breaking, go without school trips, swimming lessons, holidays, hobbies and extras of any sort… some of these voters ARE making these sacrifices but it’s STILL not enough, they are below the breadline.

    I WISH that Americans didn’t see “socialism” as a dirty word, I pay HUGE taxes in the Netherlands, BUT there is affordable top quality healthcare for everyone, everyone gets a MINIMUM of five weeks paid holiday per year, (I get seven PLUS national public holidays), I got 26 weeks paid maternity leave when I had my kids, Mothers AND fathers can work part-time unpaid Parental Leave into their work patterns .. the time limit is their kids age 0-12 years) without penalty when it comes to advancement, there are good pension plans in place and if you have an accident, get cancer or cannot work for any good reason, then there is a the safety net of a permanent disability payment.

    None of the safety nets will make you rich, but you won’t have to worry where your next meal is coming from.

    The Idea is that you pay for others so that if you ever need it, others pay for you. You help fund the retirement of others so that other can fund yours. I fully concede that our system is FAR from perfect and there areas where there are loopholes or that can be run better, but it seems better than how the USA runs thing by a country mile.

    I completely agree with you…Hillary, for all her faults would have been the safer, more dignified, respected, enlightened, forward thinking, greener and better president, but you got what you got because people voted emotionally, because they were in pain and the message hadn’t been getting though to high levels of government until they dealt this slap in the face to Capital Hill and Government Office plutocrats..

    You have an excellent post. Thanks!!!

  3. I clearly remember that night when I was at the art opening of King Street on William Gallery (Sydney) and had met up with some friends, while enjoying the art and chatted away… Our friend Geoff pulled out his cell phone and showed us a message, saying that Donald Trump was elected and would be the next president of the United States…
    It was a surreal moment for all of us at the art opening.., we were speechless AND shocked!!!

    Now Mr Trump has ‘won the prize’, let’s see if he could deliver or just all talk?!!!

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