So yeah, November’s sort of been a slog so far. For more reasons than one, but a conversation today made me miss blogging. And even if I’m not putting out the most quality content, as long as I can put out some sort of content about something or other, then I’m doing okay. Or so I think. Something along those lines.

Also, inspired to possibly start a sub-blog/companion blog to go with TSJ to detail my teaching adventures, both at the college and elementary school level…not with a That’s So title, maybe more like…oh, I don’t know…Teach Blanket Bingo? Goals Within Teach? Help, I’m Trapped in a Never-Ending Cycle of Theater Called Life as a Teacher of All Ages? Not With That Kind of Attitude You Won’t? Blog of A Selfish Individual Who Enjoys Inflicting Arts-Based Education on the Innocent? My Teaching Philosophy is Screw You All I’m Going to Do What I Want in the Classroom Because it’s Not Hurting Others? Peeing In My Pants Excited About Teaching? One of these is probably a winner. Something along those lines.

Anyway, glad you’re here and reading this because just like the United States of America, my blog-spiration has sort of hit rock bottom these past couple of weeks. I have been hearing your prayers though, so thank you for those, and I feel a post of good quality brimming at the surface.

Unless it’s just those fish tacos I ate for lunch.

Going to check up on some other blogs now, and maybe make some salad.

10 thoughts on “Egads!

  1. I would be so interested in hearing your teaching stories! I feel like teachers see a lot of hilarious/weird things, it would definitely be a good read ;p

    • Thanks, Ashlee! I was actually recommended to start a whole forum, not sure I could do that, but maybe a sub-blog, with lots of user-generated content, to maybe be a clearinghouse of information?

      • That’s a good idea! Yeah managing a forum would be tough, starting a sub-blog definitely sounds like the way to go 🙂

  2. Yeah, I feel the same. I’d be interested in your teaching stories . I follow a policeman and his stories on the job so why not a teacher. Bring it on! 😊

  3. My reading teacher in sixth grade spoke to us quite earnestly one afternoon, just after an exciting lesson on Roald Dahl. We weren’t aiming to her reasonable and high expectations of our uniquely advanced class. During her speech on our exceptional minds and the recognition we had all received, a kid named Jake at the front of the class let out a huge fake sneeze to steal the class attention. Looking over to him he held a fist to the tip of his nose, and slowly dangling from his fist was a bright red sticky hand, the gooey kind you buy in the quarter machine. At the age of 12, it seemed to us genius! The students rolled into laughter and our teacher stood in silence, refusing to make eye contact with Jake. Slowly the laughter calmed and we were ready for our scolding, but instead she looked sad, her cheeks’ sag were exaggerated by her advanced stage in life; she stood only a year or two away from the mandatory retirement age. “My biggest regret,” she started, ” is not writing down each crazy antic you kids did each day, by now I could have published several books, and the opportunity to always remember.

    I know that’s allot for a comment, but your post inspired that moment in me. That’s one of the reasons I write my experiences with customers and staff, I just remember that moment. I love the idea!

  4. Having been a teacher previously I love your idea of a teaching blog to detail all your crazy teaching stories. Children are hilarious, the things that they say and write. I have had some awesome essays and test answers in the past that drove me to tears of laugher. You could call your blog, ” I’m a teacher, get me out of here” or “Diary of a Teacher aged .[ insert age] 3/4 ” aka in the style of Adrian Mole.

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