On Coloring Books for Adults and Stuff

Hey blog fam, so it’s kind of been a while since I’ve made a rambling post (or really any post at all…I spent the majority of the past few days pretending like nothing existed other than me and my bed due to it being -20 degrees outside) but I felt like I was having a relatively productive day, so why not post something.

My day actually started earlier than I wanted it to. I was snoozing peacefully when I got a call from the realtor who’s helping me sell my apartment, telling me that she’d be a half hour late. Realizing that it was Wednesday, which is also the day she was coming, I jolted out of bed, showered, and did a crazy quick clean of the apartment that didn’t end up getting it all too clean, but at least the dishes were out of the sink and into cupboards, most of the piles were either eliminated or consolidated, and I dumped the coffee table over and cleaned up what had been on it, and put away anything that was out of place. She showed up just after I’d made myself some coffee, and I showed her around, and we were able to walk through the entire apartment unimpeded. She even took pictures, but did say that before the next person comes to see the place, I’d need to vacuum (most of the crumbs and stuff on the floor was from the coffee table flipping) and clean the kitchen a little more. So I’d call that a win.

After the visit, major adulting occurred; bank, cleaners, pharmacy, going to World Market to get Hanukkah presents for the Pinkeszes (a domino set), and for Marla (a National Geographic coloring book for adults and some colored pencils), and then going to the Pinkeszes amazing Hanukkah party, and then having to leave early to get a much-needed but too-short haircut.


I was still feeling the cleaning bug so I made piles of things (random important things, scripts, school-related things, things from this past semester, reusable items) and then, when I was mostly out of things to put in those piles, I put on some Family Guy and broke out my Mandala Wonders Color Art book. Yes, I own an adult coloring book (or, a coloring book for adults…adult coloring book sounds like it’s x-rated). I bought it from Target one day on a whim and now I have it, and tonight was the second time I used it. The first time was during the semester, and even though it did feel a bit like I was wasting my time, it helped be feel a little calmer and less stressed. Now, when I’m not too stressed about anything but just actively avoiding grading, it kind of seemed like a chore. Yes, it was fun, but I kind of wanted to watch what was on TV instead of coloring, which suddenly seemed pointless and petty. Yet, I got my boss an adult coloring book as well for Hanukkah, which must say something about this. Maybe it’s that there are certain adults for whom coloring books are made, and then other people like me who appreciate them, but feel somewhat stupid actually using them for their intended purpose.


7 thoughts on “On Coloring Books for Adults and Stuff

  1. Ahh, I love adult coloring books — especially the adult mandala ones (you’re right, that does make it sound x-rated 😅) World Market is such a magical place even though I’ve only been there once; their food selection is divine, lol.

    Glad you had a somewhat soothing Holiday with your family, Jacob! ❤

    -Jess @jbelkbooks

    • I do love me some World Market, and I’m a member there as well. The only thing is, every time I go, I either find a bazillion things I want, or nothing. This time around I was struggling to find gifts, but I also scored some digestives and a panettone for myself, because for some reason, it’s never Hanukkah for me without a good panettone.

      The party was actually with my co-workers, my kids, and their parents – my parents live on the East Coast and I’m not going to get to see them for another week or two. Thanks for the comment Jess 🙂

      • Hahaha, that sounds so hectic. The first time I went there I came out with a bunch of items (that I may not have needed) AND a membership xD Happy Hannukah, to you, btw! 🙂

        Aww, well sorry about that! I hope you enjoyed their company and by some magical reason, you get to see your parents sooner… ❤

        -Jess @jbelkbooks

  2. there is nothing wrong with adult coloring books, they are very relaxing and therapeutic, so much so, that psychologists and psychiatrists are actually handing them out to their clients , it can feel pointless and odd at first, most likely the last time you colored was when you were a child or young teen , it seems childish at first, but that is a normal reaction, stick with it and it becomes very enjoyable .

    • Oh, absolutely, I’m in total agreement with all your points. I have a geography one that’s super fun, but this one with mandalas is just a little tedious. I have my (college) students do coloring activities sometimes.

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