God Bless Us Every One

So, for the past three days I’ve been taking a break from blogging. Like most Americans, during this holiday season I’m doing some major league bonding, in this case, with my lovely bed. I don’t think I’ve seen much morning since Friday, and I definitely spent more of Saturday under my sheets in la la land than I did awake, and that was including driving to Waunakee and back for a last minute Hanukkah party (which ended up being super fun) and today’s adventures were to drop off some books at the library book drop, and then to Hanna’s place for a “come over and hang out” which of course, because it’s Hanna, meant a potluck and white elephant swap along with the requisite drumming and jam session (in all fairness, they needed to practice for a gig on Friday which I’ll be missing since I’ll be at Nationals) and now I find myself bonding with bed again, only it’s at a suitable hour this time. I guess my merry Christmas texts to everyone will have to wait until morning. 

Christmas is just a never ending parade of what the fuck if you’re a Jew in America.

Peace on earth. 

2 thoughts on “God Bless Us Every One

  1. Four, three, two, one….., and it’s over. Now to prepare to stand guard over this five acre plot, dry and covered in pine needles, from stray bottle rockets fired by celebrating neighbors, ever mindful of incoming ordnance from weapons fired into the air to “properly” mark the passage of yet another final day of the calendar year. Happy Holidays.

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