A New Calendar

A month ago, I got my 2017 wall calendar, and today, the 11th of January, I actually put it up on the wall. I couldn’t find my usual Anne Taintor calendar, so instead I got one of one of my favorite books, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

The outside looked terribly macabre and awesome, but January’s image kind of disappointed me…I’m only halfway through Hollow City, and the picture contains a major spoiler. Humph.

What’s cool about this calendar in particular is that it not only contains the months, the days, the normal holidays, and the moon phases, but it has a few fun days thrown in, too. I’ve already missed several by not opening the calendar until today, so celebrating them belatedly:

January 5 – National Bird Day. All hail Miss Peregrine, Miss Avocet, and the fact that there are so many beautiful names for birds (as well as flowers and spices) that Ransom Riggs could write 100 books and never run out. Well, maybe he can skip Miss Booby.

January 8 – Olive’s Birthday. Olive is one of my favorite of the Peculiar Children, and not just because she’s on the cover of the first book, but because her peculiarity (lighter than air) is just so quirky, as is her personality. She’s little, but witty, not as whiny as Claire, as blunt as Bronwyn, or as outspoken as Emma. Plus she’s adorable. Happy belated, Olive.

I read on Wikipedia, however, that the movie (spoiler alert?) switched Emma’s and Olive’s powers around. Why can’t we have nice things?

January 10 – Peculiar People Day. You know, I was feeling a bit peculiar yesterday, mostly because a) it was dark and rainy all day, b) I went back to school for the first time this year, and c) I walked down State Street at 10 PM, and it was locked up tight. The State Street Starbucks is usually open until 11 PM, and Espresso Royale is open until midnight, yet it was a dark, cold ghost town. After I got home, I realized that since the UW semester doesn’t start for another week and it’s freezing outside, maybe they gave their employees a break and closed earlier.

Today is…nothing, but coming up this month are Penguin Awareness Day, Think About Nothing Day, and Attempt Conversation With Your Parents Day.

Seems about right.


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