Scenes from a Coffee Shop

I was sitting in Colectivo on State Street, finishing Hollow City (which, by the way, was amazing and will be written about here, soon), and poking through some of the black-and-white photographs of odd people and things, and I realized that I never see many peculiar things in my everyday life. Well, of course, when you go looking for peculiarities oftentimes you don’t find any.

But sometimes you do.

I was a few chapters from the end, when I looked up and out of the window next to my table, and saw the strangest thing.

An Asian woman hand in hand with a toddler, wearing matching blue coats, black pants, and boots, and walking backwards. Very slowly. Everything else around them was normal, but for no apparent reason, they were moving backwards in slow motion.

Once they passed by, I saw that they were walking in front of a man with a baby in a stroller, so they were probably walking backwards for a reason.

Then, after reading a few more pages, I noticed something small and red outside the window. I didn’t quite get a glimpse of her face, but there was a little girl walking behind her mom. Nothing remarkable about the mom, but the little girl looked like she had just walked out of a 1940s MGM film. She had long, blonde curly hair and wore a poofy dress, over which was a long red coat with a belt and a tiny black bow in the black.

Maybe that look is coming back into style, but I’m not entirely convinced that she wasn’t a time traveler.


7 thoughts on “Scenes from a Coffee Shop

  1. You may have just had a breakthrough about a time travel incident! Who knows. Maybe the three events were connected. Got any pictures? Nah, I suppose. Can time travellers be clicked?

  2. Haha this sounds intriguing. I guess sometimes it does pay off to lift your nose up from the page. Those were two strange events that happened on the same day. Was somebody messing with you?

  3. Very interesting observations. The first one had me confused as I kept wondering whether you were referring to real events or something from the book that you were reading.

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