Welcome to a Life Update

Alessia Cara is whining on SNL, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say hello to the blogiverse.

Hello blogiverse.

I’d hoped to update some posts this week and revive Flip the Script Friday, but wouldn’t you know it – well, you probably know it – I ended up getting busy. Doing, well, I’m not sure what, but I did write a new short play this week, a decent one, which was unusual for me.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to a Life Update

  1. A new short play?!!! Well that’s pretty impressive! Meanwhile; I have been stalked and harassed by some online strangers. Well, partly my own fault as I accepted on stranger’s Facebook friend request (because we had ONE common friend), this big mistake led me to my current mess and not only that, due to my friends list was open to public, these bunch of stalkers also stole my friend lists and started adding them as friends… The actual situation is worse than this but I’ll leave it there.., what I’ve learnt is, how important our privacy is and if I do get to survive from this, I’ll share my story with many…

    Vivienne X

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