Fantasy Concert Song Sequence

If I were a better singer, I would definitely want to give concerts. Not to be famous, maybe at a small pub or something. I’d like to mix genres, from easy listening to disco, from Israeli to remixed pop, from R&B to classics.

Every so often, I come across a sequence of songs on my iPod that blend into one another so seamless despite crossing genres that it almost feels like the same people could be singing. I usually forget those combos, but tonight I decided to change that, so behold, my first ever Fantasy Concert Song Sequence post. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but these songs sure do.

The first song, is “House on the Lake,” from the Black Cadillac album by Rosanne Cash. It has a nice little gentle flow to it, not quite soporific, but soothing – a light, easy listening/country/folk number. After it faded out, the next song to come on was from the 90s R&B girl power song “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue. It’s a similar tempo, but a with a little more punch to it, and would most likely wake the audience back up, especially with the rapid genre change. As I was getting into the shower, that song ended and the next one began. It was from the same era and genre, but it fit nicely just the same, “Words” by Anthony David & India.Arie. These are not my three favorite songs in the world, but they loop together quite nicely, so take a listen.

Hopefully this will be the start of an interesting new series of posts.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Concert Song Sequence

  1. Okay, here goes. My three song “concert” begins with a pair of paeans to lost love. First an offering from Rosanne Cash from her 1981 album Seven year Ache, “Blue Moon with Heartache.” In this plaintive tune she asks, “what would I give to be a diamond in your eyes again, what would I do to bring back those old times?” From there to Rickie Lee Jones and her eponymous album, where we find the cut “Company,” her resignation to lost love, “so I’ll see you in another life now baby, I’ll free you in my dreams. But when I reach across the galaxy I will miss your company.” And then to restore the romance, Dr. John from the Sentimental Mood album, his rendition of “Candy” with that killer sax solo by David (Fathead) Newman.

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