Wonderful, Wonderful Wisconsin: Looking for Laura (part 1, probably)

That’s So Jacob Presents:

Wonderful, Wonderful Wisconsin

Episode 12: Looking for Laura (Pepin County, WI)

At the moment, I’m relaxing in my Airbnb in lovely Eau Claire, WI, gearing up for tomorrow’s conference at which I’ll be presenting not one but two workshops and moderating a round table. Here goes nothing. 

But on the other hand…I’m out of Madison for the first time in ages! Every mile of flat highway, from Sauk County to Juneau to Jackson was such a treat after slaving away in my office or apartment all day long. I still brought work with me but I’m going to do only a minimal amount while I’m here.

Initially, I was a little sad to be going up alone, until I realized that it was 55 degrees and sunny, and that nothing was stopping me from going wherever the hell I wanted.

After 2 hours, I made it to Black River Falls. I went to the post office to drop a package off, and the lovely postal worker, Terri, recommended I try Mocha Mouse for coffee. A great choice; not only did I get coffee but also a cupcake, a sandwich, and a conversation with a lovely cashier called Luz.

Looking online at some maps of things I could do around me with the rest of the afternoon, I got two ideas. One of where to go, and one of how to recap it here not in so many words. Check out this experimental post.

An hour and a half or so and several counties later:

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Who thought that a trip to northwestern Wisconsin could be so much fun?

2 thoughts on “Wonderful, Wonderful Wisconsin: Looking for Laura (part 1, probably)

  1. Oh that is so fun! I loved the Little House books and tv show so much when I was growing up. My great-great grandparents lived in the same town in Vinton, Iowa where Mary went to the School for the Blind. Since both Mary and my ancestors lived there at the same exact time I’ve always wondered if they’d ever met or ran into each just going about their everyday lives. The possibility of that has always left me feeling just a little bit more connected to the Ingalls family. Thanks for the cool post!

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