One thought on “Hark, A Vlog Approacheth!

  1. Jacob,
    Trying to be constructive rather than harsh, but you do ramble a *lot* when you vlog… Maybe you need a script?
    You wanted to say that it’s nice to have a friend you can talk to for a whole hour, that’s an increasingly rare things these days and you are experimenting with vlogging, do your visitors like it or not please?

    You then took 9 minutes (or whatever the exact time was) to say that.

    Personally I prefer your writing, it’s rambling too (so is my blog a lot of the time, so that’s not always a bad thing) but at least you get to the point, or have more to say or a story to tell.

    My advice would be: keep vlogging if you can make things, short, sweet and to the point. Edit out all of the unnecessary information (time zone differences, the time etc) and get back to writing too! 🙂

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