Labor Day Life Update

Since apparently nothing can go right today at all, I’m once again blogging from a device other than my laptop (last time it was my phone, today it’s my iPad, at least) because WordPress isn’t recognizing my password, despite never logging out. But whatever. It just seems like August and September were a complete slog-through, going really fast despite being painfully slow. I had a few good ideas for blog posts but couldn’t bring myself to do them, mostly because of life interfering, so here we go:

– I’m officially moved into the new apartment. It’s really nice, despite the fact that I don’t have access to 2/3 of my stuff at the moment. It’s always fun trying to prepare and feed myself a meal when I have nothing other than cups and plates at my disposal, so basically it’s either been eating out at restaurants or making sandwiches. I also really want to set up my bed; the one here is nice, but it just isn’t mine, which is in the garage, hopefully not getting too gross and dirty. Most of all I just really want to know where all of my things are.

– As of Friday at 4:05 PM, I passed my Prelim B and am officially a dissertator. I was technically a dissertator when I passed my Prelim A last December but now literally the next step is to write and defend my dissertation. It was a giant relief knowing that I’ve reached this milestone despite still being clueless about, well, everything, but I suppose that’s a normal feeling.

– Employment? Not so much. Despite applying for literally every job out there that doesn’t involve babysitting, food service, or retail, I’ve come up empty. On the plus side, this means I can focus on things like research and traveling and maybe spending Rosh Hashanah with my family for the first time in years. Right now selling jewelry and Salsa Saturdays are my only source of income, which makes me feel well…kind of like I have been slaving over degrees for nothing, but I keep (trying to) tell myself that this isn’t permanent, and I’ll eventually have a job, someday…just not today.

– Outside of the actual act of passing the exam, the last two weeks have been pretty terrible, what with Hurricane Harvey devastating Houston and my immune system devastated by a really bad strep infection. I just really need some good news now because things aren’t looking too hopeful. It’s actually bad enough that I’m posting one of those depressing life update posts that I always say I won’t do, but I felt like y’all have the right to know what’s going on with your friend Jacob and why he’s been off the map for most of the past 5 weeks.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks I’ll post some quality content, maybe some play or book reviews, random stories, or one of the posts that I came up with but didn’t have the time or energy to post in August.

But first, need to figure out what the hell is up with my blog password.


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