Staying In and Getting Real: Current Events Roundup, Part Two

Oh, man.

It’s been a few days since the insanely horrific shooting in Las Vegas. 59 people are dead (including the shooter, who did happen to be a member of the human race) and 500 are injured. There has already been so much said about it, and even though I’m not a super political person in any way, I just felt like I needed to share some thoughts.

Unlike Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria, this tragedy was 100% preventable. If you didn’t believe in gun control before October 1, I hope that you’ve reconsidered your position. It’s not like getting into a fistfight; 59 people are gone. 59 people will never come back. 59 people didn’t think that their last day would be spent at a crowded country music concert in Sin City.

People kill people AND guns kill people.


5 thoughts on “Staying In and Getting Real: Current Events Roundup, Part Two

  1. Jacob,
    Very true. i could not agree more with your views.

    Here in Europe we do not have a gun culture and we actually feel far safer for it.

    With great sadness I have to say that when absolutely nothing changed in gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre of teachers and little children, Himself, I and quite a few friends became resigned about that fact that terrible shootings like these would just continue as a fact of life.

    Whilst I am genuinely sad for the victims, I am no longer shocked, it’s just “another mass shooting in America, sad but a fact”. It’s become just another News story and if anything our feelings are that of dismay and disappointment because with mega strict gun laws, especially for automatic weapons, this was largely preventable.

    I have no idea how many people have to die before anything is done, Judging by the strength of the NRA and their lobbying power the answer is probably almost infinite because they want for nothing to ever change.

    Therefore these News stories will come any go. It sounds cynical but we listen in disbelief that people / NRA / Government actually put the right to bear arms before the safety of the nations population. Until this warped sense of priorities changes, many, many innocent people are going to loose their lives. It appears that the Government of the USA and NRA could care less about that.

    How to change this attitude of many gun supporters, Government and the NRA is the biggest and most difficult question to answer. One thing is for certain, anyone attempting to take these opponents on better come prepared and not take a knife to this gun fight.

  2. It’s sad seeing people pick their weapons over human life every time, again and again. Isn’t it apparent a lot of us humans can’t take the responsibility of owning a gun? What else needs to happen before we start realising this?

    • I don’t know, but if feel like if I speculated here openly what I actually thought, I could get in trouble with the Internet police. Suffice it to say, the fact that most of the victims were white, a large number were male, and probably quite a few Republicans among them, if this didn’t serve as a wake-up call, then there is little hope for our future as a race.

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