Meghan Trainor’s New Least Favorite Song

Want to take a guess?

In case you live under a rock or don’t have any social media, the #metoo has been more than viral. It was started several days ago by actress Alyssa Milano, who theorized that if women posted the aforementioned hashtag, it would bring attention to the massive number of women out there who have been sexually harassed or assaulted.

Is it effective?

In my opinion, yes and no.

First, the counterpoint. It’s gone from being powerful to losing a lot of meaning, and I feel like it might be stopping conversations rather than starting them, in a way.

Second, the point. It gets people talking, and the number of celebs and regular people who’ve said it is striking and at the same time worrisome, if you think about what our society may be coming to.

On the whole, weighing the pros and cons, I think that yes, it is effective. It’s getting people’s attention, which is what it is supposed to do; it’s cathartic to some, helping them open up; and to others, if they’d like it to remain their own, have the freedom to say “acknowledge me, but the details are mine to share if I want.”

2 thoughts on “Meghan Trainor’s New Least Favorite Song

  1. I think it’s effective in bringing light to the situation and just how rampant harassment is. However, like my wife pointed out one evening, it’s more than just women. Men (boys) get harassed, too. We’re leaving out an entire gender.

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