11 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything, Part 1

    • What isn’t???? Dissertation deadlines/progress, not having money/employment, my weight/physical appearance, my housemates (although that’s calmed down significantly in the recent past), updating my blog with quality content, the mess in my apartment, the state of America. For starters.

    • So many! If I had to pick one…maybe India? I’ve only been to 10 countries (USA, Canada, Bahamas, Ecuador, Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Czechia) so my wish list is rather long…

    • Sure! A lot of different people and cultures in one place. Architecture, history, fashion, food (perfect for vegetarians!) Plus it’s just so different from America, or really anywhere else I’ve ever been. I really want to see the chaos of the big cities. I’m not a huge fan of New York City, but I feel like Bombay or Delhi or Calcutta would be more fun to visit than stressful.

  1. I’ve heard that the chaos part is really cool in those cities. I’ve not visited them yet, myself. But I can assure the food part is so coool. Even if you don’t like a particular one.. you have million more tries😍

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