When Life Gets You Down…Monologue

Real talk.

October has been a more difficult month for me than I thought. One of the most difficult months of my life, in fact. I won’t go into any more details, but I will share with you one way I dealt with it.

Last night, I was awake at 2 AM. Still fully dressed, still fully stressed, and I just wanted to scream at the world.

Then, I thought to myself…where have I heard that phrase before? And then I realized…

It’s from a monologue in Anna Deavere Smith’s Fires in the Mirror.

So, I immediately tore up my apartment looking for my copy, and eventually found the monologue I was looking for in an anthology.

And there I was, whatever-past-two in the morning, sitting on the floor of my living room, leaning against my couch, loudly reciting a monologue called “The Coup” as loudly as I could. It got me out of my head for a bit, and I actually enjoyed myself. I followed it up by pulling my copy of bash off the shelf and reading iphigenia in orem, then rounded out the night by sitting on my bed and reading a humorous monologue out loud.

Then I went back to reality.

It was an unusual attempt at self-care, but not an unwelcome one. I would recommend.

5 thoughts on “When Life Gets You Down…Monologue

  1. Awww I am sorry this has been a rough month for you, Dear Friend. Just one more day of October and then we get a new month! Fall is probably my favorite season, but I always get really down around this time of year too and I have had a lot of late, sleepless nights myself. I think it just gets hard to turn my brain off. I like your creative form of self care. It sure sounds cathartic. Here’s to a hopefully better November! *HUGS*

    ❤ Alana

      • Hey! Now, that’s a way to look at things optimistically! You can even dance like a zombie if you want to ❤

      • Thank goodness for blogging! I end up writing some of my most popular posts when I am sad and upset. Feelings have a way of stirring up moving emotions, I guess. Try to do things that bring you joy and spend time with positive people. I hope the rest of this year will be warmer and happier for you.

        ❤ Alana

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