Dehydrated on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I realized the other day that I hadn’t blogged for a while, and though I normally don’t like to post a lot of real-life stuff in here, it’s been quite a busy November for me. Mostly in a good way. I managed to get a lot of work done in time for Thanksgiving, a break I needed more than anything. I was too overworked and stressed to read, basically. But on Tuesday, after teaching, I flew from Madison to Charlotte to Philadelphia, and was picked up by my parents for a ride down through Delaware to Ocean City. This is the fourth year in a row we’ve done Thanksgiving here at the beach. I’ve spent most of the past few days sleeping at odd intervals and dreading going back home; I leave tomorrow evening, but at least it’s a nonstop flight from Philly back to Madison. Once there, it’s back to the grind, but only for another 2 weeks. Due to Thanksgiving being late, we only have 8 more days left in the semester.

Not too much else to share; I have finished some books, and I’m hoping to get back to writing book and play reviews, as well as some personal writing projects of my own.

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