Name: Jacob

Age: 26

Location: Houston, Texas Madison, Wisconsin

Life Goals:

  • Get one.
  • Clean apartment.
  • Read all the books.
  • Find true friendship and true love.
  • Discover the secret to looking young and looking older at the same time.
  • Accomplish goals.
  • Enjoy it.

One of these days I’ll write a decent bio of myself. I suck at doing bios.

Favorite people:

My grandparents. My parents. My sister. My true friends. Every leasing manager I’ve ever leased from. Julie Brown. Rosanne Cash. Elvis. Aretha Franklin. Ellen DeGeneres. Sheila E. Bob Fosse. Alice Herz-Sommer. Fran Drescher. Betty White. Pat Suzuki. Juanita Hall. Ronnie Spector. Alison Krauss. Nellie Wing Farnsworth. Ilona Lackova. Nora-Vagi Brash. Mink Stole.


677 thoughts on “About

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  2. I hate writing bio’s too. I always thing I should be trying to ” sell ” myself in them, but then I think if someone doesn’t like what they read about me they don’t need to continue reading! I do like you goal of read all the books. I think that’s one of my goals too!

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  7. September 3, 2014. That is so long ago that you have made a posting on my site. I replied. And you have not heard from me. I humbly apologize. But you have so many followers now, I am but a small fish in this great pond of yours. However–a BIG however–I am going to add to that gaggle of fish, swimming along. AAARRRGGGHHH! Such a mixed metaphor. Look again, Young Jedi Knight TA. I have had nearly 50 years of education experience. I MIGHT be able to help. Like: “How come you gave me an F!?” “Becasue that is the lowest grade I could give you.” And so forth. :o) But about the blogging. I am delighted by all the various kinds of postings you have made since 2014. Good for you. I shall look forward to more. Ciao! http://memoriesofatime.com/2016/03/17/re-greening-the-chicago-river-oh-ma-not-corned-beef-and-cabbage-again/

  8. At first sight, I was like “Oh he lives in ‘Madison County’!” *heart racing* And then, “Oh damn, Wisconsin.” Good for you, otherwise I would probably bother you in future to get local’s insight into the place, if I actually made a trip anytime soon. 😀

    Anyway, just so this doesn’t sound totally out of place, I will put the context. Madison in Iowa is one of the places in my travel bucket list since I was in high school. That’s when I first read “The Bridges of Madison County”. Needless to say, I totally loved it. I used to fantasize going their to shoot the covered-bridges myself, for days at end, and meet someone interesting. Nonetheless, I would still love to go around Madison and cover the bridges around in the form of sketches/watercolor. And linger around a bit longer maybe writing something.

    Anyway, you seem to be an expert at brevity. Great bio. 🙂

    • Wow, thanks! I’ve been away mentally for about a week, just getting back to reality. Yep, I’m in Madison, Wisconsin, but only a relatively short drive to Iowa!

  9. We invite you all to visit Norway! Digitally, that is! 😉
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    Welcome to Norway! 😉

  10. What’s wrong with your Bio Jacob? It is so Jacob. 😉 I meant to tell you ages ago…NOrah is back in Pom. I’ve been trying to get her to be one of our judges for the National (PNG) Literature Awards 2016.

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  12. I don’t think you suck at writing bios. You simply put down what you felt at the time of this writing. One day soon, you may wake up with some new sentences on your mind. Then you can revise this bio, or realize that it’s fine and dandy just the way it is. In the meantime, I would hug myself for getting this many responses to what you have right now. It’s humble and poses a darn good picture of who you are. I like it!

      • HI Jacob, I really like your blog. I was referred by. Anotetohuguette , s blog. I do not write in my blog. Too shy after reading great writings like yours and anotetohuguette. Instead I post photos on Instagram . Continue this great writing. I will be happy to read all of your posts. Thank you very much for sharing. Huguette or hibou-desneiges. Good Sunday.

  13. Great suggestion from the marvelous mind of Jacob: Here’s wishing the happiest August ever to one of my favorite bloggers! Please tell me your birthdate isn’t this month also :> ❤

  14. Hi Jacob, thanks so much for following my blog. I am blessed to have your presence!!
    What an energizing and unique blog that you have. Lovely to connect with you.
    ps – I very much appreciate your award; I don’t generally participate in them, and I honor the gesture and kindness.

    • It’s not an award? There’s no prize money. Just acknowledging that I found and like your blog, and finding new connections. Check out my June Blog Project Postmortem and you can see all the connections that it made across the blog world. Enemies became friends, friends became enemies…or something like that. Either way, I’m not sure why people think there’s an award, it’s just a project of my boredom and curiosity to see how people are connected to one another, and I invite you to explore the blog world, just a reminder that you never know what new friend is beyond the next link 🙂 forgive me please for the long comment, I live alone so when I have interaction with humans I can be a motormouth 🙂

  15. I’ve been struggling to discover that secret as well. But now I’ve got it all worked out – Celebrate your b’day every two years. Celebrate your wisdom every day. 😉😉

    Loved your blog, Jacob. Looking forward to explore it. ☺☺


  16. Just discovered your blog, well I’ll be reading it later, but from my quick browse through, I know it would be a fun read.

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