Another Salsa Saturday Night

…and I ain’t got nobody…

But seriously, it was kind of a slow night.

I didn’t sing tonight at Bandung, but I did get to help teach. It was kind of sad; it’s a free lesson that normally people would actually pay money for, and we basically had more instructors than first-timers/inexperienced dancers.

Big happy waves, though, to all the continents: North America (USA), South America (Brazil), Europe (UK, Ireland, Spain, and Germany), Asia (Singapore, Philippines, India, and Indonesia), Africa (Mozambique) and Oceania (Australia).


Jam-Packed Crazy Wedding Weekend!

So, Summer Odyssey 2.1: Spring Break Edition came to an end last night at midnight – about two hours after it was supposed to – and it proved to be just as epic, full, and crazy as the weekend before. I’ve been either completely tired or completely wired since Friday, but I need to commit to writing it all down before it’s lost to history and memory. At the moment though, it’s 11:18 PM and I’m on the tired side, and maybe I’ll get to sleep earlier than I have the past few nights, which has been no earlier than 2 AM.

Watch this space for an update soon, but until then, just letting y’all know that my cousin had a beautiful wedding, I spent way too much time dancing, I managed to outwit the universe, which did not want me to get home last night, although I did. But just barely.

And, of course, now it’s back to school – working, teaching, writing, lesson-planning, grading – and all the other commitments, including cleaning up the apartment which was dirtier than I thought I had left it. But for now, my eyes are starting to become irritated from staring at this bright, white computer screen.


One Step Closer to a Dream

It was actually quite an exciting day today.

So, I’ve sung with my friend Hanna’s band twice now, and I’m performing with them for a third time on Saturday. I made a few song suggestions a few weeks ago,` and to my luck, she decided to include one of them in the set list, so for the first time ever, I will get a chance to publicly perform one of the best songs of all time, “Be My Baby.”

I showed her Leslie Grace’s bachata version, and she enjoyed it so much that she chose to adapt it for the band, and at tonight’s rehearsal, we sang it for the first time. The arrangement is a little different than what I initially thought it might sound like, but at least I know the words by heart. We’re also singing it in Spanish, so I have to learn that, but I have six whole days. We practiced my other songs, but spent the bulk of two hours (one just us, one with the whole band) working on getting “Be My Baby” down.

Read more about “Be My Baby” here, at this Classic Song post from awhile back.

I’m pretty darn excited.

Also exciting is another 6-continent day, so the customary hellos to: North America (USA and Canada), South America (Brazil), Europe (UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, and Croatia), Africa (South Africa), Asia (Philippines, India, and Cambodia), and Oceania (Australia and Tonga)!


Classic Song Sunday: “Be My Baby”

Boom. Ba Boom. TSS.

Boom. Ba Boom. TSS.

Anyone who knows pop music can instantly identify this song just by the opening percussion. Whether you’re a fan of the Ronettes from way back, or have seen Dirty Dancing, you’ve heard “Be My Baby.” 

Written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich, and Jeff Barry in 1963 and released by the Ronettes in 1964, “Be My Baby” has been called “one of the best tracks of all time” by everyone from Brian Wilson to Time magazine. The tough, punchy percussion, combined with Ronnie’s sultry vocals, awesome lyrics and a catchy chorus, make this song a timeless hit. The only thing that could have made it better was the song’s backup vocalists; for some reason, Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley, the actual Ronettes, were left out, and apparently Cher and Darlene Love are among the voices on the track going “be my, be my baby.”

Hear the actual Ronettes sing it here:

There are a few covers out there, but the only one that I think is notable is Leslie Grace‘s Spanish-infused bachata remix.

And as a bonus, here’s Ronnie performing it in 2015.

72 years old.

And still utterly fabulous.

Be my baby, Ronnie Spector.