Ooh, What Happened To Your Finger?

Yesterday, I went for my first day of teaching a theater lab at a local elementary school. Earlier in the day, I had noticed that the skin around my thumbnail was flaking off and bleeding, so I put a band-aid on it. I had forgotten all about it until about 30 seconds into my first session with the children.

“Ooh, what happened to your finger?”

Normally, when you see someone with a band-aid on, it’s not something you ask about. Most of the time, if someone has a bandaged finger or something, you don’t even notice it.

But children always do.

I’ve had several instances in the past few weeks where the skin around my fingernails has been cracking, peeling, and bleeding, so I have been going through a fair amount of band-aids. And every time I show up at Chabad on a Friday night with a bandaged finger or two, it’s always one of the three kids who greets me by pointing out a bandaged finger, and immediately they start asking me what happened.

My usual response: “You ask a lot of questions.”

I’m so mean.