On Exfolating Your Skin

A few months ago, I saw these cute loofah sponges at Target, and read something about the importance of exfoliation in hydrating the skin. What I thought to be true was a) to exfoliate, sponge your skin, and b) after about a month, discard said sponge for a newer, softer one.

So, I did that. Showering suddenly became more fun and luxurious, and some of the sponges had cute animals attached to them. And, sure enough, I would discard them every month.

Lately, I’ve noticed that even though it hasn’t been quite a month, my skin has become really sensitive. I’ve seen some reddish splotches on my arms and shoulders. When walking around my apartment in a towel, the AC feels like a thousand pin pricks on my skin, and I just can’t get comfortable in bed, or on the couch, without getting super itchy. I just thought that it was me going through adult puberty, but maybe the exfoliating sponge either wasn’t working or outstayed its welcome.

So, for the last two days, I’ve gone back to using a boring old bar of soap, and my skin feels way better.

And that’s how I found out the exfoliating your skin with a sponge may not always be the way to go.

I know this post wasn’t earth-shaking, but give me a break, I spent almost 3 hours today intently focusing on my prelim writing and got about 800 quality words down, so good for me!