The Struggle is Real

Sometimes, it’s Passover, and you have peaches for dinner with tuna for dessert.

And you have your apartment being shown tomorrow and everything is covered in matzah dust or books. Or both.

And you’re pulling out every trick in the book (games, food, Golden Girls, blogging) to avoid finishing your paper which you could do in about five minutes but you just don’t want to.

And you realize you can’t make matzah ball soup because you don’t have Kosher for Passover cooking oil which costs like $12.99 at the store.

And you realize you have about six hundred pages of reading over the next few days, in addition to APO and dance obligations.

And you’re having trouble enrolling for next semester because you probably waited too long to make up your damn mind about which classes to take.

And you just kinda feel like you’re waiting for something to go wrong.

Well, more wrong than being grabbed around the waist and freaking the fuck out in front of your entire dance class.


A Philosophy For Blogging

I’ve been doing this thing a lot lately – this thing where I wait until the last minute to start a blog, publish it before I’m done so I can get it in before midnight to keep up a streak I’ve had since January 1, and then stay up for another few hours working on it and editing it, therefore delaying (and sometimes deleting) any hope of getting any schoolwork done. I’ve discovered that this method is no longer conducive to healthy study habits, so I’m just going to come right out and say it: my streak will most likely end tonight (if I manage to finish and hit publish before midnight). Most of the past weeks’ posts have been almost cheat-y in that way, including last night’s. I was going to write about the Oscars, but it wasn’t until 11:59 PM that I realized that I had been glued to my TV through the entire ceremony and Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show and hadn’t written a word. I’m probably going to go back to that post tomorrow and edit it to incorporate some thoughts about the Oscars.

Basically, I’ve been rethinking my whole blogging style.

I used to have a LiveJournal when I was a teenager (who didn’t?) and I would write mundane posts about nothing (truly, actually, nothing) just to get a 1 on my calendar for that day. I’m sort of falling into that pattern again, and I don’t like it. I know that some of my posts are significantly worse than others, and I’d like to minimize that in the future. More substance, less “word vomit.”

I’m a huge fan of Hyperbole and a Half (if you haven’t seen it, you really should; Allie Brosh is incredibly adept at capturing oft-misunderstood emotions and encapsulating them in childlike imagery via MS Paint) but what I like most about it is the philosophy of blogging that the author shares in her FAQ section.

Some of the points that I’d like to echo in my own blogging

  • Updating frequently does not = the best quality, necessarily. Though I’ve been known to write alarmingly quickly (like that time in sophomore year when I started a 15 page paper at noon on the day it was due, finished it 8 hours later, and turned it in 15 minutes before the cutoff time) sometimes my ideas are flagging since I’ve been focusing on other things all day that day and have nothing much going on inside my head that is substantial enough to share (and that bar is pretty low).
  • Sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to hit, or to find the time to get the ideas and details down to a publishable point. I have about seven drafts at any given time that I always mean to get back to, but never find the time to give them appropriate attention. Maybe this is a sign I should go back to those.
  • And yes, my details are sometimes selective. They’re not really exaggerated (at least not to my knowledge) but she’s right in that it takes the adding/cutting of details to make a “you had to be there” story into one that’s memorable and worth sharing on the Internets for all time. Basically, storytelling that has elements that keep it rolling, moving, entertaining, worth writing about and worth sharing.

This probably won’t be the last thing I have to say about my blogging philosophy, and who knows, maybe it’ll change. But for now, I guess I’ll get back to that paper proposal that’s due tomorrow over which I’ve been agonizing.


To-Do List for March

  1. Get my work done before deadline.
  2. Exercise more often.
  3. Clean the dining table.
  4. Clean the coffee table.
  5. Cook/bake more often.
  6. Do the dishes more frequently.
  7. Waste less time on the Internet.
  8. Clean the floor.
  9. Try not to panic.
  10. Write more relevant, insightful, and well-planned blog posts.

Kiss Today Goodbye…?

The other day, I got this new iPhone 5 and there’s this voice-to-blog feature on WordPress, so let’s see if this works.

I’m just feeling these days like I’m kind of just wasting the day. Not really, but I wake up and it’s already lunchtime so I feel like I haven’t gotten really started with my day, and things being the way they are, with the time of year it’s weird because the sun sets early and it feels like it’s already night and just feel like it’s a constant game of catch-up. It’s like, check my email and then all the BuzzFeed’s and everything and then all of a sudden it’s time for dinner and, oh, by the way haven’t been out of the house or anything like that, so then I have to have dinner and watch Jeopardy! and then it’s already nighttime, my parents are getting ready to go to bed and I’m struggling with writing a blog post and picking a topic.

So that’s what things are like for me right now but from now on, I’m going to at least start and try to finish a post or two a day, with the first one in the morning, and not like I’ve been doing, finishing at like 11:59 PM.

This thing is really weird.

Anyway, I feel like by the time I’ve blogged and caught up on things and watched some TV, it’s already 2 o’clock in the morning and I want to read. I brought home about 30 books and I have only finished one so maybe tonight I should call it in early and then post something in the morning. So that’s a good idea. Practical? Maybe. Who knows.

This blog post was done by phone with only some minor revisions on the computer. TECHNOLOGY.

Oh, what I’ll do for love.