Masterpiece Youtube: “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” Christina Bianco

That’s So Jacob Presents: Masterpiece YouTube

Episode 3: “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” Christina Bianco, 2013.

I actually found this link on the wall of a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook (I think) because I was, and am, a creeper. Meet Christina Bianco. She’s a singer from New York who has the unusual talent of being able to not only do spot-on impressions of famous female singers, but actually sing in their voices. This woman is, in short, incredibly talented. And she’s super cute. I wonder how she discovered this – did she just wake up one morning and say, “gee, I wonder what I’d sound like as Barbra Streisand?” She has a few other videos on her channel, including those of her singing “Firework,” among other songs. She was recently on Ellen, where she did a repeat performance of this one. Though it was nice not to have so much background noise in that one, it lost a little bit of the magic and spontaneity of the original. Speaking of which…

Unlike the others in this series, this was shot on-the-spot rather than planned, but I decided to make an exception for the sheer amount of talent in this one clip. It appears to be in a club, and Bianco riffs off of the audience before she starts, to much cheering. The iconic opening notes of Bonnie Tyler’s seminal 1980s hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” are plinked out on the piano, so we all know what’s coming. But wait! Bianco opens her mouth, and out comes the voice of Adele, in full force. Someone off-camera calls out different names, and Bianco adapts her voice, posture, and facial expression for each of the singers. I’m not going to list all the voices she does here, because I want you to experience the thrill for yourself. However, I’ll point out some of my favorites:

  • As Kristin Chenoweth, she makes a Muppet face and holds her hands in the “musical theatre” position.
  • As Julie Andrews, she narrows her eyes and clasps her hands as if Julie Andrews = church choir.
  • After Edith Piaf, she really gets into it – you can see it in her face.
  • Before Bernadette Peters, you can see a little bit of the singer’s real persona for a split second as she listens for the next name.
  • My personal favorite: Celine Dion. Before she starts, she takes the mic off the stand and it seems that she turns on a spotlight with the snap of her fingers. I could totally see Celine doing that. Plus, she’s got the Celine mannerisms down pat, from the head tilt, to the wide-eyed face, to the pointing, to the way she says “luuurve.”

I could listen to this all day. This woman should be named a national treasure – not only is she insanely talented, she seems to be pretty humble about it, or at least as humble as a performer can be. I hope this fame doesn’t go to her head so that she stays with the same act. I hope she continues to do more voices, new voices, and come up with more numbers in which to showcase them. After watching this clip, I couldn’t help but trying to see whose voices I could do – the possibilities are endless for learning (or, embarrassing yourself in public) by trying this at home.

This episode of Masterpiece YouTube was brought to you by fabulousness, and a sudden self-awareness of my lack of vocal talent.