The Best Things in Life Happen During the Last Week of Classes

Or something like that.

Only had one class this week, but it’s been a really busy week. Just so much stuff. I had two presentations, I went to an award ceremony and then I missed the awards ceremony where I actually won an award and spent way too much socializing instead of writing my papers which are due next week.

However I did win some awards, in let’s just say it was a different ceremony. Ffrst I got a gold star from one of my fellow cohort members saying “we did it!” that went straight up on the refrigerator and then I got a crossword puzzle book for being the fastest crossword puzzle solver. Who saw that one coming?

But reality is setting pretty soon. I’m actually walking home right now. When I get there I will be starting work on all my papers due next week. And I’m actually dictating on my phone as I walk. So actually, this post began outside Madison Market and is still going on as I walk down Langdon Street. When I get home I’ll correct all the mistakes.

And then work on my paper some more.

Crap, this is going to be a long night, isn’t it?