Terrible People, Part 4: People Who Don’t Realize How Annoying Their Laugh Is

This week has been extremely busy, so busy that I have barely had time to catch my breath and do something as calm as eat a meal peacefully, without needing to do something else.

For dinner tonight, I decided to try The Tipsy Cow; it’s not new, but I’ve always heard good things about it and wanted to try it, so off I went. The ambiance was great and the cod sandwich and fries were even better. The only thing ruining the night?

huck huck huck huck




A few tables over was a party of about six, and among them was one girl with the most terrible, invasive laugh. It’s been several hours, and I can still hear HUCK HUCK HUCK HUCK in my brain, reverberating. It’s not her fault, but if your laugh is that loud, just please be aware of those around you and maybe consider getting an inside voice laugh.


Five Things I Like and Five Things I Don’t Like

Five Things I Don’t Like:

1) Not sleeping all night.

2) The noisy carpet cleaning people.

3) Getting started on a brand new project, from complete scratch. Blank page phobia.

4) Flies in the kitchen.

5) Anything involving dishes or the dishwasher.

Five Things I Like:

1) Spending 2 (almost 3) hours in the gym.

2) When the kitchen is clean, trash is gone, and laundry is folded.

3) Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry Lemonade.

4) This week’s New York Times Sunday crossword.

5) The gentle wafting smell of dinner in the oven.