My Most Disappointing Sports Memories

5. Michelle Kwan’s fall on the ice in Salt Lake City.

4. The Patriots losing the Super Bowl (while living in Amherst, Massachusetts).

3. Barbaro breaking through the gate at the Preakness.

2. My high school basketball team’s conference loss, senior year.

1. Tonight’s 74-73 loss of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers to the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

At least I got home in time to watch Anna Kendrick tear it up on SNL.


Wisc-ed Off to the Final Four

My day was pretty standard: wake up, do all the things, rush around, be late, watch rehearsal, dance, walk in the wrong direction…

Come home, be depressed, look at the mountain of studying…

And then, Wisconsin and Arizona. I turned on the game with 2 minutes to go, and watched until the game ended – Wisconsin 64, Arizona 63.

It’s the little things that just make the day so exciting.

Off to explore how crazy Madison will be; hope I make it back alive and cogent enough to give you a good report.

Go Badgers!