Letters and Milestones

Letters! Letters!

The 16 Penpals in 2016 is happening! Believe in your dreams, people!

(By the way, I’ve still only sent letters to 15 people, so if you want to be the lucky 16th, just comment below!)

Today’s letters came from Penny aka Barfuss-Evrovizija in Michigan, and then from Dani aka Dani’s Crazy Adventure all the way from the UK. Both letters were fun to read, and my favorite part was the handwriting (Dani, yours is particularly artistic). I will send letters back soon, to Penny first and then to Dani a little later so I can make sure it will get to the right place. Getting those letters really brightened my day, so thank you for lifting the spirits because my new diet is making me realize how many cookie commercials there are on television.

Also, an exciting milestone for That’s So Jacob – 1400 followers! The lucky 1400th is Writing and Alcohol aka Aui, so visit her when you can.

Other than that, I hope you all continue to enjoy my wacky and weird world, and come back soon and bring your friends so we can hang out together. The sangria is almost all gone but we can still have a good time.

Now, back to translating Hebrew and hopefully rocketing through the 3 books and 15 or so articles I have left before I can start writing this first prelim.


1300 Followers and Useless Commercials

Most commercials are useless, but some are just particularly and spectacularly so.

For example, I saw a commercial tonight for Kleenex. I mean…it’s not a startup from Wauwatosa, it’s freaking Kleenex. Most people don’t even realize that it is a copyrighted band name, like Q-Tip or Jacuzzi. If my mother were ever a drag queen, her name would be Nita Pisa-Kleenex for the amount of times she said it growing up. I understand advertising for a television show, a new brand of cereal, or even a used car dealership, but seriously…Kleenex. Not that hard of a sell. Like cheese, milk, cotton…

Oh, and of course, welcome to my 1300th follower, Little Green Raven! Can I get to 1400 by April? May?