Equal Rights

Classes are over, and all I have left to do is one paper that’s already 17 pages long, and I’m going home in 4 days, so I think it’s safe to call the semester just about over.

That, and I had such a boring day that I couldn’t think of anything to post.

So here’s a list of equal rights. Or equals that seem right. Or rather, things that are equivalent to one another. Whatever, I’ve been writing all day…

Equal Rights

  1. Being descriptive = fail, but throwing a bunch of ideas at a computer screen like so many strands of wet spaghetti against a refrigerator = the way to go.
  2. Diet Coke = food group.
  3. Cheese and crackers = Wisconsin’s chips and salsa.
  4. Elevator rides = karaoke time.
  5. Einstein Bros. Bagels = always a bad idea.
  6. Reading everything that’s required = not required.
  7. Friends reruns = required.
  8. 3 AM bedtime = 2 AM bedtime.
  9. NYT crossword = nightly regimen.
  10. Blogging = writing, which = practice.