Always Have Stamps

It’s been a busy few days for me (when is it not busy? Oh yeah, like, never these days), but fortunately there is a way to slow things down and reexamine your life.

I was on Facebook, and Heloise (who I met this summer, in PEI) was online too. I realized that I’d kept in contact with some others (Jade, Yurie) by sending them postcards, but not with Heloise for some reason. So I messaged her out of the blue, asking her if she’d like one, and she was all “omgyay here’s my address I’m so happy!!!”

And that made me feel good.

For the next few minutes, I wrote a short note to her, not on Facebook but on a picture postcard of Trempealeau County that I picked up somewhere along the way and had laying around. It was just a moment of my day, but it reminded me that it’s good to do random acts of kindness for other humans, and that taking a step back to just write a message in your fanciest penmanship on a pretty postcard is good (not all steps back are good though, especially if you’re standing on the edge of a cliff. Don’t do that).

Then, I had to search for a stamp.

I had a book of Elvis stamps somewhere around the apartment, but in the most recent cleaning-and-moving-shit-around spree I had misplaced them, so after I tore up my apartment, again, I remembered that I had bought some backup stamps, Ingrid Bergman ones, expressly for this purpose and left them in my car. I went downstairs, got two stamps, came back up, and stamped the postcard. Good to go. In a week or so, I will hopefully get an excited message on Facebook or maybe even something in the mail in return.

And that’s why it’s always important to have at least two books of stamps in your possession.