That’s Not My Name

Last week, I got an email from my bank, saying that I had a new debit card on the way, and yesterday, it arrived.

The only problem?

I didn’t order a new debit card, and I sure didn’t change my middle initial either.

You know what that means…

Yep. Identity theft.

And it isn’t even the first time it’s happened.

Identity theft sucks. So much. And it can happen anywhere, anytime, even at an airport. One time, I was flying from Houston to Baltimore, and my card stopped working as soon as I got home. The reason? Apparently, I had purchased $200 worth of stuff from a Wal-Mart in Pensacola, Florida. WHILE I WAS IN THE AIR. What I’m convinced happened was, someone probably saw my credit card number when I took out my license to go through security.

But back to today. I went to the bank branch located on the west side of town, where a banker broke the news: apparently someone posing as me submitted a name change request form at a branch in Baltimore last week.

I assured her that I was here in Madison last week, and I wouldn’t change my middle initial, even taking out my driver’s license for proof. She called the bank branch, and apparently, today was the teller’s day off or something, so we couldn’t get the full story, but she did acquire the name change request form that was submitted with my information. Incredibly useful, not just to verify that it happened, but it even had the teller’s name on it. Like a mafia boss, she called the Wisconsin investigative offices to get on it. At this point, I’m picturing a bunch of men in black flying from Madison to Baltimore, holding up the bank, and demanding the truth from the bank teller. Which would probably be the opposite of what would actually happen, but hey, having imagination helps in times like this.

Anyway, I did another name change request form – and this time, I’m pretty sure it was me changing my name back – and had the card cancelled.

And on Monday, I’m flying to Florida for a week, with a temporary debit card.

Guess I better start practicing signing things Wells Fargo Customer.