A Mini-Vacation in Minneapolis

Just back at my AirBNB in Black River Falls, WI, after a four-hour round trip to Minneapolis and back. Saw the city for the first time, and watched my dear friend in his play.

I don’t like to review performances of people I actually know, but for the most part, it was awesome. From the moment he stepped out on stage, I was like….”this guy.” My friend. The other cast members were quite talented as well. There were some interesting staging choices, killer rapping, and overall, a powerful yet touching story. I realize that this is probably the least descriptive review ever, but I wanted to write something about this play without giving away too much information about it; I guess I’m weird like that, and I probably need to go and see more shows where I don’t know anyone in the cast.

Up at 8 tomorrow morning and out by 830 in order to make it back home on time. Wish me luck y’all.


Some Really Bad Homemade Food and Some Really Awesome Airport Food

I originally published this post on December 27, with the intention of finishing it when I got home later that night, but that didn’t happen, so here it is.

So, that morning/afternoon, I was doing the usual, lazily packing and at the library and stuff, when I realized that I was running out of time before going to the airport and needed to eat something. So I opted for Kitchen of India’s Biryani with Rice Pilaf. The image on the packaging looked tasty enough, but I suspected something was up when one of the instructions was “break up the material in the package with a spoon before heating.” I did so, and then heated it, but it in a bowl, and…terrible. I got through two bites before throwing the whole thing in the garbage. I hate wasting food, but it tasted that bad. It smelled just fine, but I could not get over the pungent, smoky taste of the thing. And at this point, I was officially out of time and had to hightail it to the airport to catch my first flight of the day, to Minneapolis.

Once in Minneapolis, I had to walk what seemed to be forever (and judging by the pedometer on my iPhone, I certainly got more than enough walking in that day despite sitting on two planes) and ended up in the G terminal, AKA the really fancy one with the iPad tables and the food court thing. I was hungry, and I had brought with me the rest of a loaf of bread. Now, the challenge was to find something to put on said bread that was not ridiculously expensive. Either that, or settle for an overpriced airport meal. Fortunately, in my wanderings around the food court, I took a second look at the salad bar/hot bar, and noticed that they had tuna salad and couscous a la carte, and at $8.99 a pound? I shoveled about two large scoops of each into a container, and along with a Snapple, paid just $10.79 for enough tuna and couscous to make two sandwiches, with some of each left over, and it tasted pretty good too, and I could’ve gone way, way unhealthier. So score for me.

Next week’s flight back to Madison is connecting through Atlanta, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to go over to the fancy food court in their airport and get something.