Mishapping My Way Back to Madison

As November came to a close, so did my trip home. But it was time.

My trip home was basically a sequence of mishaps/luck to balance it out.

LUCK: Actually leaving the house fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, plus a rather short security line.

MISHAP: Sitting blithely, wondering when we’re going to board, when I hear my name over the intercom. I’d been sitting at Gate B12, going to New Orleans, instead of B13 to Milwaukee. Whoops.

LUCK: I run onto the plane as the last passenger.

MISHAP: I dropped stuff on the ground.

LUCK: Someone chased me down and returned said stuff.

MISHAP: Got a middle seat (again, just my luck), with a particularly noisy seatmate, watching football loudly.

LUCK: Managed to get my stuff in the overhead.

MISHAP: Early for the bus, I try to figure out another way to get home, and end up getting approached by some policemen for looking lost. Go upstairs, relegated to wait for another two hours.

LUCK: Policeman from earlier finds me, tells me that the bus is here early. I get in line. Also, turns out the bus leaves at 5:35, not 6 as planned. Bus fills up by 5:25 and we’re off.

MISHAP: We’re told it’ll still be two hours, even though it’s a nonstop bus. Sigh.

LUCK: I check my phone, and at the one hour mark we’re on the outskirts of Cottage Grove. There is no way this trip will take another hour. We pull up to the Chazen at 6:55. I am ecstatic.

MISHAP: It’s really cold, and I realize that my gloves are either in the terminal in Baltimore or on the plane, headed to Fort Myers.

LUCK: Make it to dance practice, albeit late.