Endings and Beginnings

I know that I’m nowhere near the ending of Houston nor the beginning of Wisconsin, but today, my thoughts are on beginnings and endings. I am a nervous person by nature, and though change excites me, it’s also worrisome. Will I be happy? Will I find purpose and meaning? Will I find friendship? Will I find love?

Words I dislike: schematic

Throughout the past 8 years, I have moved several times – from Baltimore to Amherst, back to Baltimore, Baltimore to Jerusalem, back to Baltimore, Baltimore to Houston, now Houston to Madison. Each move has been good and bad in its own way.

Moving to Amherst was my first big move. I knew basically nobody there and was totally unsure. My dad told me that he remembered me saying at a stop in Connecticut on the way, “This is the first time it feels like it’s really happening.” When I came back from dropping my dad off at the airport, I was really alone for the first time. Leaving Amherst was tough – mostly because I had become so comfortable there.

Israel was a slightly different story, although I probably had more attachment there.

Houston…I love it there, and over these past two years I’ve found I’m becoming even more and more of a Texan and specifically a Houstonian. I will miss it terribly, but hopefully the good memories will stay with me and the bad memories will stay there. Must make the most of the remainder of my time there and make even better memories.